Fatty Liver Disease Treated With Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Michigan: A large number of men, especially in the world, are suffering from fatty liver disease and now, after continuous research, a new method of treating it has come to light.

This condition is called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It is also medically known as non-steatohepatitis or NASH. In this disease, body fat somehow starts to accumulate in the liver. If the disease becomes severe, it can lead to many liver diseases and even organ failure and death. This condition is especially common in obese people and every third person in the world suffers from this condition to some degree. In some people, the condition can be genetic.

It is now known that a type of hormone called leptin can eliminate this condition. The study was conducted by Elf Oral, a Michigan scientist. He found in 2002 that people with the genetic condition of the disease were deficient in the hormone leptin. If they are given this hormone in a supplement, the process of filling the fat in the liver can be stopped and it is called leptin therapy.
She has spent almost 20 years in this research and is now working on leptin therapy for other causes of fat in the liver. She says that genetically, fatty liver disease is called ‘lipodystrophy’ and it is a common condition. Experts have tested leptin on both conditions.

In this regard, three different surveys have been conducted which have concluded that leptin therapy not only prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver but can also reverse this process if the fat becomes excessive. In this process, patients with different levels of fat in the liver were treated for one year. All of them underwent leptin therapy in which hormones were given as supplements.

On the other hand, leptin therapy has increased insulin sensitivity in many people, meaning it has reduced the risk of diabetes. However, more research is needed.