Fat people for Rent

Fat People Are Available For Rent

TOKYO: A new online service has been launched in Japan from where obese and overweight people can be rented for 18$ per hour.

The service, called Debokari, has been launched by Mr. Bliss, who has previously launched a fashion brand for obese people called Cuezilla.

In addition to being a Japanese citizen, you must weigh at least 100 kilograms to join Debukari.
The number of obese people in Japan is very low, while people weighing 100 kg or more are even less successful.

Mr. Bliss also started a talent agency in 2017 specifically for obese people, which has so far recruited about 45 people.

For the time being, the same people will be working for Debokari, but more people have also registered.

But why would anyone hire a fat man? Answering this question, Mr. Bliss said that a fashion brand may need a model for large (plus) size clothes. It is also possible for an organization to advertise its diet plan. And for some, as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

Mr. Bliss also said that those who would work for the service should not be ashamed to be called “fat”.

Those who work in the bakery service will receive the full amount of compensation, while the company will only be allowed to charge a “negotiation fee from the client.