Everything under control: 7 mistakes when choosing a DVR

It is unlikely that any driver will doubt the usefulness of the DVR – everyone has heard of cases when this device allows you to save time, nerves and money. It’s just not enough to have a recorder, you also need to make the recording from it meet certain requirements, otherwise the benefit from it will be no more than from a dummy. This article lists the main mistakes made by car owners when choosing a DVR.

Chase the price
It would seem that if two devices are similar in parameters and differ only in price and manufacturer, it would be logical to choose the one that is cheaper. This is just the most common mistake made by registrar buyers. The fact is that the video quality of cheap and expensive recorders can differ dramatically. Let both devices shoot Full HD (1920 × 1080), but only one of them is equipped with a small cheap matrix, a budget chipset and a pair of plastic lenses, and the second has a full-fledged lens, a high-quality matrix from a well-known manufacturer and a fast chipset. As a result, with the same resolution on one video recording, the license plates are already distinguishable 10 meters away, and on the other, at the same distance, it is not the same as the number – the brand is not always visible, especially in low light.

Another disadvantage of cheap gadgets is low reliability. What’s the use of a DVR if it suddenly turns out to be broken at the right time?

Therefore, when buying a DVR, save wisely. Check out the guide to understand which device parameters you should pay attention to. Look also at the reviews of the owners of the selected gadgets and only then make a purchase decision.

Buy a recorder with low quality video recording
It’s good if the clarity of the video allows you to distinguish between the license plates. For example, if the car number on the record is not readable due to poor image quality (at least one letter or number), the judge may simply not accept such a video as evidence. The first thing that determines the clarity of the video is the resolution of the camera. For proper video clarity, a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080) and higher is desirable . This does not mean that a 640×480 DVR is absolutely useless. Distinctive numbers in the frame are not always required – such a recorder is better than none at all. But at higher resolutions, the chances are better that the video will be really useful in a contentious situation.
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When choosing a model, pay attention not only to the resolution, but also to the matrix and chipset brands. Search the Internet for descriptions. At the same time, sometimes curious finds happen – for example, the description of the DVR indicates Full HD resolution and a recording rate of 30 frames per second, and the description of the chipset clearly states that high resolution is achieved by interpolation – a software increase in resolution with a loss of quality – and fps with 24 frames …

When comparing matrices, pay attention to:
Manufacturer . Matrix from Omnivision, Aptina (ON Semiconductor), Sony – guarantee of high quality video in any light.
Matrix size (the bigger the better). The larger the sensor, the better the image will be in low light.
The number of megapixels . You should not chase the maximum number of them, but it should at least correspond to the resolution. Multiply the numbers in the resolution ratio to get the number of megapixels? If at a resolution of 1920×1080 (1920×1080 = 2073600) megapixels are less than 2, it is better to refuse such a gadget.

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Chasing versatility
On the one hand, it’s okay if the DVR is also a radar detector. On the other hand, this significantly increases the price of the device. As a result, it may turn out that for the price of a high-quality SuperHD video recorder, you get a budget HD recorder and an inferior radar detector. What is better – to perform one function efficiently or perform two poorly?

It’s not that DVRs combined with a detector are a bad solution, you just need to be prepared for the fact that a high-quality universal device will cost about twice as much as a high-quality conventional one.Video recorder, radar detector DEXP RD-SuperVisor 9 199 *
Do not pay attention to the viewing angle
Not always an important event occurs right in the direction of the vehicle. The wider the viewing angle, the more information will get into the video. On the other hand, the wider the angle of view, the higher the resolution of the camera must be in order to provide high definition images. In addition, the picture is highly distorted at large viewing angles (fish-eye effect). Therefore, the optimal viewing angle for DVRs is considered to be 140 ° –150 ° .

If possible, evaluate the viewing angle visually on the device screen, or better – on a test video. For budget DVRs, the real viewing angle sometimes does not correspond to the declared one.
Do not pay enough attention to fastening
Pay attention to the presence of the hinge. On models with double-sided tape , only the hinge will allow you to adjust the camera for a better view, or turn it around if the events of interest unfold to the side, and not in the direction of travel. But even for a model with a suction cup, the presence of a hinge will not be superfluous: with each removal and installation of the suction cup, microscratches appear on it, which worsen the contact with the glass. The more often you remove and attach the suction cup, the worse it holds.

Also check if the camera can be detached from the mount. If the camera, secured with double-sided tape, does not have a magnetic or mechanical release latch, you simply cannot carry the camera with you to connect to a computer, for example. For a model on a suction cup, an additional latch will also not be superfluous for the reasons already stated above – you should not remove and fasten the suction cup once again.

Try to make sure the mount is strong and secure. Estimate the thickness and material of the parts, check (if possible) the presence of backlash between the parts. Low-end DVRs are sometimes equipped with low-quality mounts that shake while driving and quickly break.

Opt out of Wi-Fi
At first glance, the presence of Wi-Fi in the DVR does not seem important. But only for the first time. Wi-Fi allows you to quickly transfer video files to your smartphone, which may sometimes be necessary. For example, if the inspector asks you to immediately attach the video to the case file, you can quickly transfer the video to your smartphone and give the memory card away without fear that it will get lost somewhere. Or, if you recorded not your own, but someone else’s accident, a Wi-Fi video recorder will make it possible to quickly and easily share the video with anyone.
Buy a model with a low-quality battery
“Dying” battery and “flying” settings are a common problem of budget DVRs, which many tend to underestimate. First, the default settings often do not provide the desired video quality. For example, the default is low resolution, and if you are too lazy or forget to change the setting before starting to move, the video will be of poor quality with indistinguishable numbers.

Secondly, if the battery does not “hold” at all, if the DVR suddenly turns off, some video recordings may be damaged – if the gadget does not have time to correctly close the files open for recording.

Thirdly, when the battery is disconnected, the time and date are reset or become incorrect. It can also lead to serious problems – what if the time and date on the attached videotape are one and the other on the minutes? In the best case, you will have to spend a certain amount of nerves proving that your date is simply “out of order”.

How can I avoid this problem? Option one is not to be tempted by the low price of “nameless” gadgets, but to choose products from trusted manufacturers. On budget registrars, power problems that lead to “flying” settings occur both on models with supercapacitors and on models with large-capacity batteries.

A frivolous attitude towards the choice of a DVR can make it a completely useless device in your car. Therefore, do not take know-name manufacturers, carefully study the characteristics and reviews, and also do not pursue super-wide functionality – at a crucial moment it can play a bad joke with you.