Events Of Two Years

Events Of Two Years

Victoria, Canada: After decades of extraordinary research, scientists have finally been able to determine how long we can remember things from our earliest times. They find that some people remember things at the age of two and a half because the memory process begins during this time.

However, the age of onset of memory may vary from person to person, but scientists have agreed on an average of two and a half years. Details are published in the scientific research journal Memory. In this regard, the existing data of 21 years has been researched and conclusions have been drawn from it.

“When we talk about the first memory, it’s not a single static memory, but a dynamic target,” said Dr. Carol Peterson, a childhood memory specialist and scientist at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. She says that when people are asked about the first memory, it is not a clear boundary, but it can be memories of the past. We have found evidence of this in children and adults. Some people may repeat the memory of two and a half years ago without any awareness.
Interestingly, people said earlier about their memory that they were very young, but when asked again, they said no, they were a little older at the time. That’s why in this 20-year experiment, his first memory was recorded from the first people and then it was confirmed by his parents.

The study used pre-existing data and asked questions to a total of 992 participants, after which the memories of 697 people were verified by their parents. Thus, only after the confirmation of the child and the parents were the seal of truth sealed on it. Memories were fresh in people’s minds for an average of two years and eight months.

Medical experts have dubbed this process “telescoping” which is similar to the process of looking through a telescope. The study also found that people remember many other things from their childhood.