Euro Cup Defeat

Euro Cup Defeat

LONDON: In the Euro Cup final, Britain lost a historic chance to win the tournament after 55 years in a penalty shootout, sparking a nationwide uproar that left 21 policemen injured and 50 injured. Arrested.

According to the World News Agency, Italy, unbeaten in 33 matches of the tournament in the final of Eurocup 2020, which was delayed by one year due to the Corona epidemic, defeated England by 2 goals to 3 in the penalty shootout.

London protest
London’s Wembley Stadium was packed with spectators, with Britain scoring in the second minute to give Italy the lead in the 67th minute. No decision could be made in extra time. Three England players failed to score on penalty shots and coincidentally all three were black.

Euro Cup London Protest 2

Even before the final match began, the British had made preparations to celebrate the grand victory of winning a world championship for the first time since 1955. However, after losing the match, the spectators in the stadium came to their senses and broke out. Preparations for the celebration have now turned violent.

Euro Cup London Protest 1

Clashes also broke out between protesters and police at various places, injuring 21 policemen and arresting 50 others. The three black players who scored goals on social media were also blamed for the defeat and subjected to racial discrimination.