Errors when choosing an electric water heater

Lack of hot water is a fairly common occurrence for a number of reasons. Although it is temporary, it doesn’t make it any easier. Prudent users in such cases install an electric water heater and become less dependent on the influence of external factors. Often, the choice of a water heater is associated with certain compromises and inevitable mistakes, both annoying and fundamental.

Selection without taking into account the limiting possibilities of electrical wiring
An electric water heater is a powerful consumer of electricity. The mistake of many users is the purchase of a powerful device without regard to the possibilities of the electrical wiring available in the apartment. As a result, the constant operation of the overload protection in the circuit breaker or the burnout of the plugs and the inability to operate the water heater without capital intervention in the existing wiring, which, as a rule, results in its replacement.

Using a water heater connected to a line that is not designed for its capacity is dangerous! Long-term operation is fraught with overheating of the conductors, insulation melting, short circuit and possible fire!

An approximate estimate of the permissible capacity of the water heating system, without interfering with the existing wiring, can be obtained using the table of permissible capacities. Knowing the material of manufacture of the conductor and its cross-section, it will not be difficult to do this.

If the capacity of the water heater exceeds the capabilities of the existing electrical wiring, you should take care of laying a separate line protected by a circuit breaker. The required conductor cross-section is selected from the table above.

With all this, do not forget about the total power of the electrical input to the apartment. It should be enough not only for the operation of the water heater, but also for the comfortable operation of other electrical appliances. You can find out the maximum permissible power that the electrical wiring can withstand without failures at the management company or see it in the electricity supply agreement. As a rule, the document stipulates the maximum input power.

Particular vigilance in this matter should be shown when choosing an instantaneous water heater , since a more powerful heating element is used in its design to quickly heat water to the desired temperature.

Choosing the wrong volume
This mistake is made exclusively when buying a storage water heater , since a running water heater simply does not have a water tank in its design.

The biggest nuisance when making this mistake is the lack of hot water. With a small volume of the storage tank, it may simply not be enough for all family members.

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The other extreme is an excessively large volume of the water heater. The water in the tank must be constantly renewed! This will protect the device from the development of unwanted microflora in it and save the owners from unnecessary spending on electricity.

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The optimal volume is considered to be the volume of the water heater, which provides the need for hot water, about 25-30 liters per day for each family member.

Wrong choice of dimensions and weight of the device
It should not be forgotten that the place of installation of the storage device must have a certain margin both in height and in width. Approximate values ​​are as follows:

not less than 5-15 cm from the top point of the water heater to the ceiling. Such a gap is necessary for convenient hanging of the device on the fasteners;
at least 50 cm from the bottom point of the boiler, which is necessary to ensure convenient access to the electrical part of the device and the possibility of comfortable maintenance of the device;

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not less than 5-10 cm on the sides, for convenient positioning of the device on the wall.
When installing an instantaneous water heater, there is no need to leave gaps. It is permissible to fix it close to the walls, however, a place should be provided for connecting water mains.

When choosing a storage device with a volume of 80 liters or more, you should know that its installation is possible exclusively on load-bearing walls, since the “dry” mass of the device increases by the weight of the water in it. Partition walls made of aerated concrete, foam blocks and other types of porous material are simply not able to reliably hold such a load.

Due to the small mass of instantaneous water heaters, there are no requirements for surfaces for their fastening.

Do not attach importance to the installation method
It is not uncommon for mistakes when the selected water heater is not suitable for the mounting method. Especially often, such a problem is encountered when it is necessary to place the body of the water heater horizontally on the wall, since not every model allows this.

The purchase of a model with a universal mounting method will insure against this mistake.

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Important to remember! The heater should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do not take into account the location of the water connections
When deciding on the place of installation and the method of installation, one should not lose sight of the method of supplying water mains to the device.

For example, when choosing an instantaneous water heater for the kitchen, and installing it above the sink, preference should be given to devices with a bottom water supply. When installing the appliance below the level of the table top – models with the upper arrangement of the nozzles. The same recommendations are valid for storage-type devices.

An example of a not entirely successful connection of an instantaneous water heater

Buying a storage water heater with very rare water outages
The desire to provide yourself and your loved ones with hot water during its absence in the hot water supply system is quite understandable and justified, but, with extremely rare outages, it is inappropriate to install a storage water heater. After all, the question here is not only the loss of the useful volume of the room in which it is installed, but also in hygiene. In the water that is not moving, various microorganisms will very soon begin to develop and it will, as they say, “bloom”. Do not forget about the processes of corrosion of elements that occur in a container filled with water. The bottom line may be that the funds for the storage water heater were wasted, since it failed much faster than the service life of the device specified by the manufacturer and the expectations of the users.

With rare and short outages of hot water, it is most advisable to install a flow-type device. With occasional exploitation, it is devoid of many of the shortcomings of its accumulative counterpart.

Purchase of instantaneous water heater for several taps
A feature of the installation of a running water heater is that, if possible, it should be mounted as close as possible to the mixer. With this approach, the time after which hot water will flow from the tap is reduced and heat losses during its transportation to the point of draw-off are reduced.

Realizing this, the idea of ​​installing an instantaneous water heater for several taps does not seem so good anymore. Firstly, the user will have to wait for a certain time when water of the required temperature will flow from the tap, and this, in the long term, will lead to increased energy consumption. Secondly, with the simultaneous use of several taps, slightly warm water will flow from them, since the power of the heater is unlikely to be enough to heat the entire volume. And the water pressure will be significantly lower.

The seemingly correct solution in the form of installing individual flow heaters for each of the mixers will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the load on the electrical wiring of the apartment and the possible development of emergency situations in it.

In the case when it is required to install a water heater for several draw-off points, it is most rational to use a storage type device of a suitable volume.

The choice of the type and model of an electric water heater is a rather crucial step, on which the long and trouble-free operation of the device in the future depends. Be sure to take into account the errors voiced in the material and not repeat them. And then the lack of centralized hot water supply will cease to be an unresolved problem!