Electronic kettles with temperature control

Electronics works wonders for extending the functionality of traditional kitchen appliances. Using the app to warm up the water on the way home from work using the app, set a timer in the evening to get boiling water in the morning, or just train your memory in a playful way, memorizing the backlight colors – this and much more can be done with the help of modern kettles.

What are the teapots
Electronic kettles are sold in different price categories : there are very simple models with touch buttons, and more expensive ones , controlled using the MacOS application. Some models are aimed at phones and tablets running linux and Windows operating systems, but Android is the undisputed favorite among mobile platforms. In Russia, the market leaders are Redmond and Xiaomi.

Main functions: auto power off, delayed start, water level sensor.
Additional functions: thermopot, backlight control, information about the last turning on of the kettle, a set of games (“guess the color”, “attention training”, “memory training”).
How electronic kettles work
Usually, all the electronics are hidden in the control platform, only a controller for LEDs, a temperature sensor and a weight sensor (measures the filling of the container) are installed in the kettle itself.In inexpensive models, touch buttons with a fixed heating temperature are installed. More expensive kettles are equipped with a screen and make it possible to select the exact temperature using the touch keys. Sometimes the controls are located directly on the handle.

Remote control
The application allows you to set the exact temperature and heat the water without getting out of bed. For punctual people, it is enough to set up a schedule for the whole week once.

The “smart” kettle will calculate the power consumption, prepare water for tea, coffee, cocoa.

If you get bored, you can use the device as a disco lamp, and when you can’t sleep at all, you can play different games with the kettle.

To learn more, see the detailed description of the SkyKettle M170S kettle and all its functions in this article.

Functions of electronically controlled kettles
The thermostat is a useful function, especially for those who know that black tea is brewed at 80 0 Celsius. The minimum heating temperature is 20 0 , the maximum is 1000.
The “Thermopot” function – maintains the temperature of the liquid at a predetermined level.
Temperature indicator – shows the temperature of the water in the kettle. You can determine whether you need to warm up or the water is still warm.
Water level sensor – an empty kettle will not turn on if the water level is low. A notification appears on the stand screen or smartphone.
Auto Power Off – turns off the backlight and all other active modes at a specified time.
Delayed start is a useful function if you need to warm up the water by a certain time.
Lighting control – adds variety to the design of the kitchen and slightly illuminates the adjacent cup.
Information about the last start of the kettle – to know how many times the water has already been boiled.
Prolonged boiling – the kettle will not turn off immediately, useful when cleaning the flask.
Boiling indication – sound and visual signal, – the color of the kettle can change from blue to red.


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Child Lock – The cover can be locked with a password.
Why do you need an electronically controlled kettle
Firstly, it is stylish, fashionable, relevant, and secondly, it is convenient. It is safe to drink boiled water, but not very useful, especially to boil the same water several times. The gadget allows you to select the required liquid temperature.

A smart kettle can become part of the ecosystem at home, but such a gadget is not for everyone. If a person uses a smartphone regularly and easily switches from one mobile application to another, they will like the kettle. If every minute counts and you want to get rid of simple routine tasks – this kettle is for you. If you suddenly become bored, the kitchen lacks something bright and interesting, you need to distract the child with something, you should try such a device. An electronically controlled kettle will definitely come in handy for tea lovers.

Of course, without pitfalls anywhere. “Smart” teapots are more expensive than ordinary teapots, at least those that are controlled from a smartphone. Over the past two years, they have dropped significantly. If before the cost approached a hundred dollars, now there is a large selection of models for 3000-4000 rubles.

There is practically no point in repairing them if they are not under warranty. With a 99% probability, the local master will not take on the resuscitation of the patient. In the service center they will say: “brains flew”, the cost of repairs will be 70-90% of the original price.

With a high probability, a wiser kettle will fail earlier than its “stupid” counterpart without electronic control. If you only need hot water from a kettle, there is no point in buying such a gadget. A “smart” kettle is needed only by those who value their time and comfort, and are ready to pay for them.