Electric grill – who needs it and why?

Meat can be fried in a skillet, vegetables can be baked in the oven. Why do you need a separate electric grill, and not even a budget one, if there is a grill function even in microwave ovens?

How the grill differs from the oven
Grilling in an oven and a microwave oven is approximately identical in terms of the effect on food, so we will not differentiate between them, going into subtleties.

In fact, comparing an oven to a grill and a stand alone grill is like choosing between a saucepan and a frying pan. They are fundamentally different. Let’s remember how a typical grill in ovens is implemented: it is a ten, located under the top wall of the cabinet, which quickly heats up to an ultra-high temperature. In a matter of minutes, an oven grill can brown a dish and create a crispy crust, melt a cheese cap or smoke vegetables. This is all its functions. The dish itself is cooked at medium or low temperature and is not fried, but baked.

The grill appliance works in a completely different way. The electric grill is a hot plate on which food is toasted very quickly while maintaining its juiciness. Grills are contact and non-contact, one-sided, double-sided and combined. Read more about the types of grills in the selection guide .

How is a grill different from a frying pan?
Separate grill pans with a grooved bottom have appeared on the market for a long time, which, according to manufacturers, can almost replace a full-fledged grill. Then again, why overpay for the device? Grill pans are really a good choice for those who are just trying their hand at a new culinary genre. But their capabilities and functionality are incredibly poor in comparison with the device.

First of all, the power of the electric grill is set by software – it is an autonomous device with its own connection to the network and its own heating source. As a rule, electric grills already have different programs and cooking settings for different dishes, so the temperature and cooking time will always be strictly the same. The frying pan is completely dependent on your stove or hob. It will slowly heat up, in most cases it will not be able to provide such a high temperature and similar cooking quality.

If we talk about double-sided grills, then in them meat and vegetables are fried from both sides at once, while also being tightly clamped by the lid of the appliance. In the frying pan, you will have to follow the process yourself.

A grill pan cannot be a full-fledged replacement for an electric grill, but with it you can try and evaluate whether you need a grill at all. For example, you might find a grill useful if you….

For proper nutrition or dieting
Sounds absurd: where is the grill and where is the diet? However, grilled food is cooked without a drop of oil and fat or with minimal addition of them. The fat does not burn out, but flows into a special grease tray.

Moreover: due to the rapid heat treatment, most of the beneficial trace elements and vitamins in the products are retained. Grilled vegetables are nothing like stewed or baked vegetables – they are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, while retaining their freshness and natural texture. Zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, corn – you can cook anything, revealing new facets of the taste of familiar and already boring vegetables and creating great restaurant side dishes. The same theses can be confidently applied to meat and fish.


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If you are already tired of everything stewed, boiled and steamed in the pursuit of healthiness, you should consider the grill as a worthy alternative to the usual low-calorie recipes.

Love culinary experiments
For some reason, when talking about grilling, only meat steaks and vegetables come to mind. However, the possibilities of an electric grill are much wider. Hot sandwiches and other quick snacks, sausages, cevapchichi, sausages, hamburgers, shawarma – the options are limited only by your imagination.

Replaceable panels expand the functionality of the electric grill even more . For example, there are smooth panels that allow you to grill like a classic frying pan and cook scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes, pancakes, cutlets, tortillas and more. There are panels for Viennese waffles, with which the electric grill completely replaces the waffle iron, as well as panels forclassic triangular sandwiches.

Besides the standard grilled vegetables, you can also bake fruit! Apples, bananas, peaches and nectarines, pineapples – try cooking them instead of dessert or in addition to meat and fish.

And the main plus is that any cooking is very fast and will not take more than 10-15 minutes along with the preparation of products.

Appreciate beautiful presentation
If you want an “Instagram kitchen” – you will definitely go to the electric grill. The appearance of grilled vegetables, meat or fish steaks cannot be compared with dishes from the oven or frying pan – a neat crust with characteristic toasted “ribs”, no burnt coals, oil stains, uneven roasting. It is aesthetically pleasing, pleasant and stylish. So at any holidays, get-togethers with guests or at a romantic dinner, your dishes will become the highlight of the program and will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Go to the country house often
Not all of us have dachas and country houses equipped with a full kitchen and everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Usually modest stoves are huddled there, and the food is simple, if not Spartan. We often write about appliances that you can take with you on trips, and the grill is a great addition to them! This appliance is compact, lightweight and works from a regular outlet.

When you are too lazy to fry kebabs on a charcoal grill or the weather does not indulge in the sun, an electric grill will become a real salvation. With it, you can fry exactly the same fragrant and juicy meat with a fried crust as on live coals. Only 10 times faster, easier and cleaner!

Do not like to stand at the stove for a long time
Grilling is all about speed and simplicity. On average, electric grills are heated to operating temperature in 5-7 minutes and can be cooked.

The average cooking time for steak is 5-10 minutes, whole chicken fillet is 7-8 minutes, vegetables – 3-10 minutes, fish – 7-20 minutes, depending on the size of the piece. A Well Done steak is ready in an average of 6 minutes, and a Rare (with blood) in a minute and a half. One and a half minutes and restaurant food at your home!

At the same time, you can (and should!) Chop and cut food in large enough pieces, otherwise the meat will dry out and the vegetables will burn. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the filigree cutting. You do not need to monitor the food, count the time, turn something over and stand at the stove – the electric grill will do everything by itself. In addition, detailed instructions with a table of cooking times and recipes are always supplied with the devices.

As for the care of the grill, the panels can be removed and washed or wiped with a dry cloth if you are too lazy to wash. And some dishes can generally be cooked in aluminum foil and not get dirty on the work surface. Remember to rinse the grease tray. Electric grill panels are generally dishwasher safe.

Want to reheat food without losing structure
How to reheat fried meat, cutlet or smoked ham so that it does not soften, sour and burn if you put it in a frying pan? On the electric grill, of course! In 3-5 minutes, everything will be warmed up and the crust is safe, and the structure is in place and no extra devices are needed.