Elected Iranian President

Elected Iranian President

Tehran: Iran’s newly elected president, Ibrahim Raisi, has refused to meet with his US counterpart, discussing the missile program and the withdrawal of support for militant groups in the region.

According to the World News Agency, Iran’s new President Ibrahim Raisi, in his first press conference, advised President Biden to join the nuclear deal, saying that the United States could prove its seriousness by lifting sanctions on Iran and any talks on less than that. Will not

Asked if he would meet with his US counterpart, the newly elected Iranian president said: “No.” Similarly, when asked about the missile program, the Iranian president said that there would be no compromise on the missile program.
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International powers have already expressed concern about Iran’s new president because of his hard-line stance, and in his first press conference, President Ibrahim Raisi has taken a hard line.

The White House has not yet commented on the new Iranian president’s statement. The United States banned Ibrahim Raisi in 1988 for executing more than 5,000 political prisoners while he was on the death panel as a prosecutor.