Duck Wings

Duck Wings

Iceland: There are many blessings for us in this factory of nature, including the cotton wool of an Icelandic duck, which is known as the warmest and softest substance in nature. These are alderpolar ducks that weigh 800 grams and cost more than 000 5,000.

Every summer, about 400 people sift through the dust on Braydrove, an island off the island of Iceland, where they find the wings of alder polar ducks in and around. These fibers are then cleaned in several stages, making quilts and pillows. Thus, just three pillows can cost two and a half thousand dollars and a quilt can cost more than eight thousand dollars.

Nature has bestowed feathers under the duck’s chest that are as soft as cotton wool, but naturally, no fiber can match the cold. That’s why the duck lays it in its nest to protect its young from freezing in the cold. This bunch of wings has been named Ederdown.
That is why it has been searched and sold for the last one thousand years and sells for thousands of dollars per kilogram of crude oil. About four tonnes are currently sold worldwide and 75% of exports are from Iceland.

The nests of these birds are not disturbed at all during the laying and hatching seasons, but the feather fibers that gather around them are carefully collected as soon as the nests are empty. However, it is standardized in every way and if you lift between 40 and 50 grams between two fingers and no fiber falls down, it means that they are very standard on export standards.

Ederdowns are excreted from ducks and are obtained from 50 to 60 nests per kilogram. They are specially cleaned and pressed into a machine to give them a regular shape. Farmers look for each nest and carefully collect the wings. Only 15 to 20 grams can be found in a nest.

However, raw feathers contain 80% of the amount of garbage, large feathers, grass and stalks that need to be cleaned. Ederdown is then heated to 120 degrees Celsius. This is followed by further cleaning with several machines.

This is how the world’s most expensive wings are selected.