Drip or carob coffee maker: which is better and which one to choose

Every coffee lover at least sometimes thought about a coffee maker. Drip or carob – how are they fundamentally different and which one is better to choose for a cup of good, aromatic brewed coffee? Understanding.

How a drip coffee maker works
In a drip coffee maker, ground coffee is poured into a filter bag, which can be nylon or paper. The nylon bag can be reused, but it requires maintenance, but the paper bag is simple and disposable – used and thrown away.
Following this, pour water into the tank of the coffee maker and monitor the filling level – you should not pour above the set mark. Then we put the flask or mug in place, press “start”, and in a few minutes we get the long-awaited drink.

Now let’s take a look at what the drip coffee maker owes its name to and how it works.

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The water poured into the tank enters the heating element of the coffee maker, then it turns into steam, which condenses into drops above the filter with coffee. The temperature of these droplets is around 90 ° C. Under the influence of gravity, the drops fall on the filter from the coffee, pass through them, and as a result, we get an aromatic and rich drink. But not too strong.

In such a simple way, 5-10 minutes after starting the coffee maker, we get ready-made coffee.

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How the espresso machine works
The process of making coffee in an espresso machine is already a little more complicated.

Instead of a filter bag, the espresso machine uses a holder or a horn. We should also mention the material of the horn – it can be made of thermoplastic or metal. A metal horn is preferable – the coffee in it heats up evenly over the entire surface.


So, ground coffee is poured into a horn – 7-9 grams is enough for one serving, and twice as much for a double one. The coffee can be poured in with a measuring spoon or by the mark on the inside of the coffee dispenser. Gourmets can even use special coffee scales, which differ from the usual ones with increased accuracy and the presence of a stopwatch.


The coffee poured into the horn must be tamped with tamper, then insert the horn into the coffee maker and pour water into the tank. If your coffee maker is equipped with a milk container, you can add this as well.


And the last action is to put a mug (or two), start the desired program and wait for the preparation of the drink.

From a purely technical point of view, the mechanism for preparing a drink is as follows: water with a temperature of about 90 ° C from a heating element enters the spill group and passes through the pressed coffee under high pressure. The entire infusion procedure takes about thirty seconds.

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Drip and carob: what is the difference
Technically, the difference is clear, but the taste of the drink depends on many factors: the type of coffee, the degree of grinding, the level of roast.


The main difference between coffee makers lies in the possibilities. The drip coffee maker only makes American, and the carob only makes espresso, which is the basis for the rest of the coffee drinks. For example, if you dilute the espresso with water, you get an Americano, and if you pour water through the horn longer than usual, you get a bitter lungo. To make ristretto, you need to spill less water than usual – this is where a stopwatch comes in handy to turn off the coffee maker in time.


So let’s summarize. The advantage of a drip coffee maker lies in the simple mechanism of preparation and a large volume of the drink at the exit – at one time you can make coffee for the whole family.

The rozhkovy coffee maker is good because it makes espresso, from which you can easily get many coffee drinks: cappuccino, latte, raff, etc. However, a cappuccinator is useful for making coffee based on milk or cream – it can be automatic or manual.


The first option is easier to use, but the second allows you to fine-tune the foam production process.

Useful Tips
Tap water is not suitable for coffee makers, as it contains a large amount of minerals, so it is better to use soft decalcified water.

A heating element. In carob coffee makers, different types of heaters are used. If a boiler is installed, you will have to wait until it heats up all the water. If a thermoblock is installed, then do not count on a large volume of water – about 30 ml of water warms up at a time, which is enough only for a portion of espresso, so you will have to wait before preparing the second portion.

This video will help you to understand all the technical intricacies and functions of the espresso machine .

Coffee. Choose a medium grind and the fresher it is, the more aromatic and tasty the drink will come out. If you are going to grind coffee beans yourself, then coffee grinders – electric or manual – will come to the rescue. Some coffee makers are also equipped with coffee grinders.

Store ground coffee in an airtight container in a cool place. For example, in the refrigerator.

For drip coffee makers, we recommend paying attention to the materials and type of filter. If you are only going to use the coffee maker at home, it is better to use reusable nylon or plastic filters. They require maintenance, but it is more economical, more convenient and more environmentally friendly. Also pay attention to the volume of the water tank – there are models designed for both a large company and one or two people.

Which coffee maker to choose – drip or carob?
All people are different – for some, Americano made from a pack of factory-ground coffee will be enough, and some people like to experiment and completely control the process. The drip-type coffee maker is easier to learn, it gives a larger volume of the drink at a time, but the car-type one opens up scope for recipes.

An enthusiast is more likely to use a carob coffee maker, the essence of which is complete control over the brewing process. A drip coffee maker is suitable for those people who want to combine the benefits of ground coffee and the practicality of instant coffee.