Don’t be silly

Captain Imran Khan spoke directly to his people on Sunday, January 23, during which different people tried to vent their frustrations in different ways. But he could not be more successful because the Prime Minister speaks less to the people and addresses them more, and this time too his direct dialogue with the people turned into his speech. The best way to do this was to address the public directly through TV and radio instead of making telephone calls. Because it would have been more important for the Prime Minister’s address to the people to be viewed not only by the national but also by the international media and external powers. The Prime Minister’s address is considered as national policy. Well, he used the method he thought was best and congratulated the people whose efforts paid off and he managed to talk to his beloved Prime Minister by telephone, albeit face to face.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, said that these things are actually going to be said in Parliament, but what to do, they are not allowed to speak because when someone is speaking and others are not listening to him, what is the use of speaking like this.

The Prime Minister also assured the opposition that it was better for them to stay in the office of the Prime Minister. Because in this way he sits comfortably and watches the spectacle of the opposition and his supporters, but if he is somehow kicked out of the office of the Prime Minister, he will take a more dangerous form and then hide his opponents. Will not be found It is as if their coming out will start such spectacles that the whole country will see. In addition, the Prime Minister, in addition to himself and his supporters, termed his opponents as mafias, which is nothing new. He considers himself the Prime Minister but considers the Leader of the Opposition as only a criminal and meeting a criminal is a betrayal of the people. It is as if the people they meet are all milk-washed and the apple of the public eye. This time too, the Prime Minister could not live without narrating the record of ideal development in the country. One of a hundred things

What can be expected from a Prime Minister who has these thoughts and intentions? In the sit-in of 2014, the people were a little taken aback by his words because of the problems, because they had not seen his government yet but today in 2022 when this government is going to complete almost four years under the rule of Imran Khan. Who will be the forgetful person who will listen to such things after the dargat of the people during this period. Except that he laughs at such things as a joke. And it really does happen.


In his government, the situation has become a ‘question wheat answer’. Ask about something that brings Nawaz Sharif and Benazir and Zardari into it. Servants ask that whoever is a thief, dacoit, mafia, whether they are in any party, catch them, punish them and save the life of the people and you do your job and give relief to the people so that they really you Be in a position to believe the words of

We say inflation is high. You say they looted. We say the dollar went up. You say it happened because of Ishaq Dar. If you ask anything else, the answer is Benazir and Zardari. What is the use of singing this melody to us? You came to hold the mafia accountable, you came to catch and punish the thieves and robbers, you came to increase the prestige of the country’s passport, you came to raise the poor class of the country. But when nothing happens to them, you open your heart by putting everything on the previous government.

You don’t even get tired of calling them mafias, thieves, robbers, corrupt and traitors, they are all enjoying themselves, eating well, dressing well, walking around, going from jail to hospital and out of hospitals. ۔ So the people have been. When we are saying that they were all good, but they are still all good, the condition of the people has deteriorated.

The Prime Minister’s performance so far suggests that he has resorted to blaming his opponents for all the shortcomings and blaming every incompetent opposition of his government. We have no sympathy for their opponents in particular, but our ears are pricked up hearing their names. Now, instead of hearing their names, we want to hear and see the steps of our government which will give us a sigh of relief.

We urge you to do whatever you have to do with the person who looted, corrupted, stole, robbed and damaged the country, but in his speeches he blamed everyone else and himself. Do not present him as the Savior. Only then will your declining reputation in the eyes of the people be restored, otherwise we have seen such spectacles in every government. If you do the same, what will be the difference between you and them?