Under pressure from campaigners against domestic violence in Britain, the British government has decided to introduce a new law that would allow those convicted of strangulation to be sentenced to five years in prison. ۔ The government says it will now introduce a bill to amend the Domestic Violence Bill, which will be approved after a debate in parliament.

The amendment is intended to address concerns about the avoidance of domestic violence perpetrators. Because no injuries are seen during the strangulation attempt, it is difficult to punish the perpetrators under existing laws.

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Under the law, it will be possible to punish oppressive behavior and the victim will no longer have to live with the accused. Threats to display objectionable images with the intention of conveying and harassing will also be punishable.

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Commissioner for Domestic Violence and Violence Affairs Nicola Jacobs said such a change in the law would provide more support to victims and help save lives, but at the same time called on ministers to make further progress. Demanded Charities and campaigners have called the changes a major victory for victims of domestic violence.

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The bill, which is currently under discussion in the House of Lords and proposes a number of amendments, would generally go into effect in England and Wales. But Baroness Newlove, a former commissioner for victims’ affairs, called for it to be included in the current bill as soon as possible.

Now the ministers have agreed to sentence the accused to five years in prison by amending the law that deliberately tries to stifle or suffocate others. Meanwhile, Chancellor Rishi Sonak is expected to announce a 19 19 million package to tackle domestic abuse and violence in the budget to be presented on Wednesday.

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It was made a crime in 2015 to expose one’s private sex images and films with the intention of harming others, but now under the new amendment, those who threaten to expose such objects are also sentenced to two years in prison. Will be able to

Justice Minister Robert Bookland says the bill will help strengthen the law to prevent domestic violence and its various forms. He said that this opportunity to strengthen the law is given only once in a generation.