Do Not Neglect Children

Do Not Neglect Children

The other day I went to a friend. They were sitting in the living room when loud voices started coming from a nearby house. Curiosity forced him to find out and found out that there was a bitter argument going on between the mother and the son. The boy was a seventh-grader who was dying. The son’s voice was louder than the mother’s. If the mother said one thing, the son would say two more things. The only problem was that the mother wanted to teach and the child refused to read at that time. If the child was being rude, the mother would also refuse to stop talking angrily. This went on for about 10 to 15 minutes, then I didn’t know how to stop.

This problem is very much connected with the present generation. Parents have their excuses, while children have their own commitments. There are some engagements that we have deliberately imposed on ourselves as if we could not live without them. We must keep in mind that

Time does bring up.
Accidents don’t happen all at once

This problem is most acute in most homes at the moment. Parents seem to be away from their children and children are unaware of their parents’ love and are trying unsuccessfully to seek refuge in harmful things. One of the reasons children don’t listen is because parents don’t give them time. Even if some parents give time, it is only for reading or advice. We understand that the child will be successful only if he is literate. However, there are cases where those who have run away from school have lived a calm and good life. We focus on memorizing books instead of focusing on training. We think of the child as an automatic machine that has no emotions. Just like a programmer, by giving a command to a child, we understand that we have fulfilled our duty. Food, drink, out-of-pocket expenses, school expenses, home tuition accessories and a room decorated with new toys are kind enough to do so much.

We must keep in mind that the child is never close because of the facilities provided by the parents, they can only be a means. The child begins to learn from infancy, but the process of learning accelerates in childhood. The child has to do everything he sees happening in front of him. Call each other respectfully in front of the child, try to keep pace with the times and train the child in such a way that he can do his own work. And this is possible only when he is allowed to do small things at an early age.

When children become overly rude, we turn to psychologists. The problem is that parents should make their counseling mandatory before counseling their children, and if they do only their own counseling, very few children may need counseling.

What does your child do when they see a psychologist? Will ever consider The psychologist controls the child, which the whole family fails to control. The reason is the violent attitude and the sarcastic gestures that provoke the child to do something wrong. The psychologist walks in front of the child an empty slate and gives the child the opportunity to write all his dust on it in the form of lines, broken words and half-written letters. When the child’s dust, anger and complaints disappear, the psychologist will pour the information you provide into the child’s mind in a beautiful, sweet and sweet voice to persuade them to care for their parents. Just changed the style and the child found the same thing to his advantage because of which he accepted it wholeheartedly.

This is the time if you give your child a chance to share their problems with you. You have to convince him by your behavior that you want the best for him. Remember that kicking shoes do not do it, nor does it hurt a child’s self-esteem.

The meaning of the saying of Hazrat Ali (RA) is that a friend should give advice alone.

Children are more than friends, so why are we humiliating him in front of everyone and being proud that he is very obedient. However, if he is silent, just so that there is no more spectacle. Constant mental anguish and violence make him irritable, abusive and rude and sometimes even leads to suicide. We understand that someone has noticed it, even though we have made things worse. It’s a matter of sight, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

We don’t know where we’ve got a shell that we don’t have to laugh with children, we don’t have to laugh with them, we don’t have to take them out with us and we don’t have to be friendly with them. We have to live in terror so that they can improve their world. So sorry sir you are abusing your child. Let him enjoy, let him play with you and let him do things his age so he can understand how to learn from experiences. Let them decide right from wrong. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

For God’s sake! Give your children time to listen to you and be safe from falling into moral depravity.