Discovery Of A “Space Compound” Near The Dead Sea

Space Compound

St. Petersburg: Russian experts have discovered a mineral compound in Israel near the world’s saltiest lake, the Dead Sea, which has so far only been found in meteors falling from the sky to the ground.

Called “Allabogdanite”, the compound contains phosphorus, which was first discovered about twenty years ago today in a small meteorite found in Russia. This meteorite was rich in iron.

The compound was named “Elabogdenite” after its discovering scientist, Ella Bogdanova.
Years later, the same “space compound” has been rediscovered on Earth, but this time it was found in an area near the Dead Sea in Israel, which archaeologists call the Lot Nation.

It should be noted that in 2015, another research team discovered that a large meteor had exploded in the air around the Dead Sea 3700 years ago. As a result, there was a shower of hot and scorching rocks.

To confirm the discovery, a team of Russian experts collected samples of various sedimentary rocks in the Israeli territory adjacent to the Dead Sea and began a careful analysis.

After lengthy analysis, they came to know the alabugdinite compound in many places in these samples. Although the amount was not very high, but it was so much that it can not be ignored.

Various hypotheses are emerging in the light of this discovery, but scientists have warned that it is a scientific study that should not draw religious conclusions.

Note: Details of this discovery and related research have been published in the latest issue of the research journal “American Monrologist.