Dinosaur Bird

dinosaur bird

LONDON: An international team of scientists says a raccoon discovered last year in Myanmar, also dubbed the “smallest dinosaur bird”, was actually a tiny lizard that is about 100 million years old today. Found years ago.

The last discovery announcement was based on a skull preserved in amber while Oculudentavis khaungraae was scientific name (aukyludyntaus kawngrayy).

At only a few millimeters in size, the skull was very strong, with thin but pointed teeth, while its eyes seemed to be boiling.
But now an international team of experts has discovered another fossil of exactly the same size and skull from the same area of ​​Myanmar, which is in a very complete state.

A study of this new species has revealed that the extinct animal that was thought to.

Further comparisons also revealed that the skull, discovered last year, may have been crushed for some reason and turned into a small bird’s beak, leading to a misunderstanding among experts.

It should be noted that the research team that announced the discovery of the “dinosaur bird” last year, a few months later, on July 22, 2020, announced the withdrawal of their published research.

The statement said that although the details of the specimen they discovered were accurate, the assumptions they made about it were incorrect.

New research, based on a new discovery that calls Oclodentavis khaungrai an ancient and extinct lizard, has been published in the latest issue of the online research journal Current Biology .

It should be noted that the research so far has revealed that what the experts thought was a bird was actually a lizard, but more details of this ancient and extinct animal are still being worked on.