Digital Love

Poland: In today’s digital age, love has also gone digital. Martha Rental, a popular Polish model and digital influencer, has sold her romantic feelings digitally to an unknown fan for ڈھ 250,000.

Digital love is backed up in the form of NFTs. In this way, Marta has become the first person in the world to sell digital emotions. It should be noted that thanks to technology, NFT is being used in the purchase of digital music, art and graphics, etc., and now, for the first time, it has also been used in the purchase and sale of emotions. So far, however, the NFT buyer has not been identified.

In this way a person can buy and own any digital movie, photo or music in the form of NFT token. But most of the time, despite the sale, the creator reserves all the rights.

Marta, 21, says she wants to shape the future with an interest in innovation and innovation.

“I am the first woman in the world to turn emotions into digital tokens. The age of physical love, non-physical love and now digital love. It’s all really the same because emotions and feelings are the same, ‘said Marta.

She says digital goods, whether they are movies, memorabilia or pictures, will last forever.

It should be noted that Marta Rental is very popular in Poland. He has millions of YouTube fans. He has 2.4 million followers on Talk Talk and 6.5 million followers on Instagram. However, she said she would donate the money.