Detect Variants Of The Corona Virus

Detect Variants Of The Corona Virus

Massachusetts: Engineers at MIT and Harvard University have jointly developed a short and low-cost testing kit that can detect different variants of the coronavirus in just over an hour.

This device uses the latest genetic engineering technique “Crisper / CAS9”.

For initial experiments, it has been developed using a 3D printer at a cost of ڈالر 15 (approximately PKR 2,500) per test.
However, scientists say that the cost of a test could be reduced to just ڈالر 6 or less by developing this device on a commercial scale.

Relying on CRISPR, this diagnostic technique was invented by the same scientists at MIT and Harvard in 2017 and was then abbreviated as “Sherlock”. had gone.

The same technique for diagnosing corona virus has been enabled to give the best results in a short time, in a short space of time. This device is named “MiSHERLOCK”.

In addition to detecting corona virus in saliva (saliva), the device can also detect various variants, while the whole process takes only about an hour.

In an article published in the online research journal Science Advances , experts say that the diagnosis of corona virus from “My Sherlock” is as accurate as any standard “PCR” today. Tests are possible.

So far, it has been successfully tested in British, South African and Brazilian variants of the corona virus, and will be able to detect a delta variant after minor modifications.

The device fits on a small table and weighs very little. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily transported to remote areas in a normal loader or ambulance.

The device also developed a mobile phone app that uses a smartphone camera to diagnose the corona virus.

After the analysis of the sample placed in the device for the purpose of diagnosis is completed, the LEDs in the device light up and by looking at the color, this app tells about the absence or presence of corona virus, and the type of corona virus. ۔

Separate press releases from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology state that the invention aims to make it easier to diagnose corona virus even in remote areas where facilities are lacking.

Samples collected from these locations take a long time to reach PCR testing laboratories in major cities, making it impossible to monitor the spread of corona in these areas in a timely manner.

The news did mention the technical details of the device but did not say when, how or with which company the commercial production of the device would begin. Also, it is not known how long “My Sherlock” will be available for general use.