Deep Wounds

Deep Wounds

Nottingham, UK: Accidents and especially deep wounds caused by sharp instruments cause blood to flow so fast that failure to stop it can lead to loss of life. It is now possible in minutes to stop the flow of blood from deep wounds with a system developed by a student.

A Lobor University student has developed a revolutionary device that is like a soft pad that penetrates a wound and stops it from bleeding. This way the blood flow can be stopped until the hospital is reached or an ambulance arrives. This system, like a cork, can stop the flow of blood from the deepest wound in just five minutes.

It was designed by Joseph Bentley, a final year student at the University of Lubbock, and has been dubbed the ‘Rapid Emergency Activating Tamponade’. Its soft part, the tamponade, is made of silicon. The second part is called the excavator which inserts the tamponade into the wound. A valve in the tamponade spreads it inside.

The actuator is a manual device that can be controlled by looking at the LCD on the back. The screen helps to find the right place for the body and also controls the spread of the tamponade. Interestingly, the entire system is based on a 3D printer.

It is expected to be improved soon and tested in accidents.