Cubans Have Befriended Hundreds Of Pelicans

Cubans Have Befriended Hundreds Of Pelicans

Cuba: Seabirds Pelicans are free and usually not pets, but after 20 years of continuous love and care, they have now become friends with an elderly Cuban.

Leonardo Carrillo called one bird “the honorable Michael” or the other “beloved Panchito.” Pelicans visit his wooden house once a year, and Leonardo takes care of them until they return. Three to four times a day they are given water and treated for injured pelicans.

Leonardo, now 62, has been caring for the birds since he was 40. Now more than 100 birds migrate to them every year. The birds arrive in Leonardo’s hometown of Guineamar in December and fly again in May after a winter.

When the pelicans leave, I get very sad because they are like the children I miss every day,” Leonardo said. Although Leonardo has three children and lives far away from them, he is rarely seen because of the Corona epidemic.

The majority of these birds are brown pelicans with thick long beaks and bag-like protrusions in the throat that are used for fishing.

According to Leonard, all birds look the same but have different personalities. Although they can eat on their own, Leonardo collects leftover food from his neighborhood and puts it in front of them. They also treat pelicans injured by fishing hooks.

Leonardo used to work for a fishing company but after retiring he now sells ice and sends some money to his loved ones from the United States. That is why they take care of themselves and the mute birds.