Cottage soon: equipment and tools for the garden

Spring has already begun, which means it’s time to prepare for the summer season. On a prepared site, vegetables grow faster, and bushes with trees feel much better. Therefore, it is very important to meet the first days of the season fully armed.

Hand tool
Last year’s grass and tops are a favorite wintering ground for harmful insects. In addition, under the old grass, the soil rots in the spring and is overgrown with mold.


Therefore, as soon as the earth dries up from snow, it is necessary to remove the remnants of last year’s grass, foliage and tops from it. On lawns, it is better to use light fan rakes – they will not damage the surface of the lawn.

Rake without handle Gardena 03099-20.000.00

[teeth – 21]
1 499 *
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On vegetable gardens, gravel paths, under bushes and trees, it is more convenient to use universal metal rakes – they will rather cope with falling pebbles and fragments of branches.
It’s time to buy a new shovel . Even if you already have it, think about whether it’s time to update it. Progress does not stand still, modern shovels are very different from their predecessors 10-20 years ago. The ergonomic shape of the handle reduces stress, the special sharpening profile makes it easier to work, and the wide footrests make it easier to deal with stubborn spring ground.


A shovel is one of the essential spring tools, and the lighter, more comfortable and stronger it is, the more fun you will get from working in the garden.

Many shrubs are pruned in the spring. As soon as the snow melts, all damaged, dried and frozen branches should be removed. Healthy shoots should be shortened to the first healthy bud. Then the bushes will delight you with a plentiful and healthy harvest.

Fiskars P44 1001534 secateurs

[cut – 20 mm, material – steel]
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A handy powerful pruner will simplify pruning bushes, make it simple and enjoyable. For thicker branches, it will be more convenient to use a brush cutter .

Hedge trimmer FIT 77103, 50 cm

[cut diameter – 25 mm]
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Small garden tool
For small work in the garden, a shovel and a rake are too coarse a tool. How to dig a hole for a seed or seedling, loosen the ground around the first sprout and carefully pull out a perennial weed without disturbing the plants around? Small garden tools – scoops , rippers and mini rakes , choppers and hoes .


Do not forget to buy the right amount of border tape – it should be installed immediately when digging up the beds. Then in the summer it will be possible not to be afraid that the roots of weed grass will “crawl” underground into the garden.

Curb tape plastic Verto 15G515

garden decor, soft plastic, 20×900 cm
650 *
seed germinator
Any gardener gets upset when he comes to the store in the spring for seeds. Seed bags are getting brighter, but at the same time there are fewer seeds in them, they cost more and more, and not all of them germinate. But there is an easy way to increase seed germination – use a germinator .

Automatic seed germinator DobroSad DS01 Slenderness 4 399 *
The automatic device creates the most favorable conditions for germination and gives maximum seed germination. This is much more efficient than using grandmother’s technology to wrap the seeds in wet gauze and put them under the battery.

drip irrigation system
Drip irrigation solves many problems:

Water to the plants comes in the right amount, already warmed by the sun.
Water does not get on the leaves.
Weeds are left without watering and grow much more slowly.
For the organization of drip irrigation, a powerful pumping station is not needed, since the water consumption is minimal.

Watering set Gardena 13001-20.000.00

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Thus, drip irrigation is a great way to conserve water and at the same time increase the yield of the garden. If you are planning to provide a garden with a drip irrigation system , this is the time to do it. It must be installed before planting begins. Seedlings and seeds for drip lawn should be planted at the point where water drops fall, and this can only be done after the hoses are laid out. And it’s just more convenient to install the system while the ground is clean.

Motor cultivator

If the site is small – 2-3 acres – it is easy to dig it up with a shovel. Another thing is if the garden area exceeds 5-8 acres. You can, of course, strain yourself, but why, if there are many cultivators on sale for any wallet? For small gardens, you can purchase an inexpensive electric cultivator . With its low price, it quite confidently copes with the spring preparation of vegetable gardens for planting.

Cultivator Champion EC750 12 899 *
And for serious tasks, use a gasoline motor cultivator – it will cope not only with loosening old vegetable gardens, but also plowing virgin soil for new ones.

Don’t forget about cultivator equipment . Many do not even realize that with the help of additional equipment, a motor cultivator can be turned into a potato hiller , a snow blower or even a wood splitter. You can read more about the types of equipment for motor cultivators in this article .

Do you want your lawn to delight with dense and uniform greenery all summer long? Then do not miss the first spring days after the snow melts, while it is still not too late to scarify the soil. The scarifier thins thick turf, providing air access to the root system of lawn plants. In addition, he loosens the ground, removes last year’s grass and debris.

Stiga SV 213 E 14 499 caricaturer *
If you do not take care of scarification and aeration of the lawn in time, the grass can start to hurt, lose color, and even die, leaving ugly bald spots.

Lawn aerator with metal shaft Palisad

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reciprocating saw
Garden trees also require pruning and shaping. And this should also be done in early spring, until the buds begin to swell, and the movement of juices in the branches has not yet begun. But it will no longer be possible to cut tree branches with pruners – you need a delimber. And the lopper will not cope with large branches . In this case, a reciprocating saw will come to the rescue – with its help, you can quickly and easily cut a dried branch of any thickness.


It will also help if you need to renew a gazebo or fence after winter – with a reciprocating saw you can easily saw off rotten boards that need to be replaced – even with nails.

Reciprocating saw Bison ZPS-1100 E

[1100 W, 2700 rpm, cut wood – 230 mm, reg. rpm, 3.2 kg]
8 999 *
26 1
Drainage pump
In the spring, the danger of flooding basements and cellars rises sharply. The groundwater level is rising, the snow that has accumulated near the house is melting. Owners of houses located in the lowlands should closely monitor the condition of basements and cellars at this time. Water getting into them can cause a lot of problems, and dampness in the house is only the smallest of them. Under the action of moisture, wooden logs and floors rot, mold starts. Therefore, if there is a danger of flooding the basement in the spring, you do not need to wait for the water to appear – take care of purchasing a drainage pump now.

Drainage pump Whirlwind DN-300 4 399 *
paint sprayer
Winter does not have the best effect on painted surfaces. The walls of outbuildings, gazebos, fences often peel off in the spring and look untidy. You can repaint them manually – with a roller or brush. But with a paint sprayer , it is more convenient and faster to paint.

Paint sprayer DEKO DKSG55K1 HVLP 018-1043 2 950 *
And this tool can also come in handy later – they can pollinate trees and bushes with feeding solutions, remedies for pests and diseases.

Garden awning and furniture
Properly organized rest is the key to long and fruitful work. Therefore, preparing for spring work, do not forget to prepare for the rest. Few things can be more pleasant than, tired under the spring sun, to sit in the shade with a cup of tea and admire the results of your work. Shade can be arranged using a garden tent , and a set of garden furniture is the best fit for tea drinking in the garden – it is not afraid of moisture, is easily washed from dirt and simply decorates the site. It’s one thing – just a garden, and quite another – a garden, in the corner of which there is a place to relax.