Corona’s Joke On Russian Youtuber Led Him To Jail

Corona's Joke On Russian Youtuber Led Him To Jail

MOSCOW: A year and a half ago, a young Russian man, Kramatulov Jaborov, who made fun of people on video, performed a tour of the Corona in the Metrorail and fell down. This caused a stampede on the train. The court has now sentenced him to two years in prison.

According to a video, during the height of the February 2020 epidemic, he played Corona’s patient in a crowded metro train and fell down behaving like an epileptic seizure. At first people rushed to his aid but later they started running away in fear and there was a stampede on the whole train.

Kramatulov, 26, made this joke about a year and a half ago in a packed train. People were frightened by its sudden fall. People started running around in a crowded local train in Moscow. In the video of this incident, it can be seen that people are shouting about the coronavirus and are upset.

However, Kramatulov found the joke costly and was arrested. His lawyer told the court that he wanted to spread awareness about Code 19. “Kramatov wanted people to follow the rules of Code 19 and make sure they wore masks,” said his lawyer, Alexei Popov.

His video was posted on a Russian website on February 2, 2020, after which police issued an arrest warrant for Kramatov on February 3. In the first instance, he was fined 9 9,000 and sentenced to five years in prison. However, the sentence was recently reduced to two years and he will now spend two years in jail.