Corona Cases In Sri Lankan Camp

Corona Cases In Sri Lankan Camp

Colombo: India became frightened by the Corona cases in the Sri Lankan camp.

Another corona case came to light in the Sri Lankan camp after batting coach Grant Flower before the home series from India. Data analyst GT Neuroshan has also been found to be infected with the virus.

The team had recently returned home from a tour of England. After the series, 7 people were found to be victims of Corona in the English camp. The visiting team has also expressed concern over this situation. The ODI series between Sri Lanka and India has been delayed by 4 days. The board suggested starting matches on July 17 instead of July 13.
The other two ODIs in the proposed program will be on July 19 and 21, the Twenty20 series is scheduled to start on July 24, the other matches will be scheduled on July 25 and 27, the Sri Lankan board said. Has been sent.

The Sri Lankan team will have to extend the quarantine for another two days after data analyst GT Neuroshan and batting coach Grant Flower were hit by Corona. I will stay, he can be brought forward in place of the main squad in case of an emergency.

The Sri Lankan cricket team will play the first ODI of the series without much practice, the guest side can benefit from it, the Islanders will not have much practice time due to quarantine, 7 in English camp. Sri Lankan health officials immediately quarantined their team from returning home from the UK after the players contracted corona.