Cooling your PC in summer

A sultry summer looks into the windows with a bright ray of sun, melting human and electronic brains. We cool ourselves in the sea, lake, shower, and our electrode friend is forced to bathe in anticipation of an upgrade.

In summer, the temperature in a room without an air conditioner reaches 27-30 degrees, which does not have the best effect on the performance of a PC. Let’s figure out how to cool your pet without wasting money, time and nerves.

Internal cooling systems
If the PC burns with heat, like a heated iron, and you can fry eggs on the video card, you should think about updating the cooling system or upgrading it. There are several ways to cool the hot interior of a computer: hang more fans or install water cooling and use liquid metal.

Ideal for most PCs – multiple 120mm coolers (fans) for blowing and one 140mm for blowing out air. For efficient cooling, 4–7 coolers are used.

Fan DEXP Freeze GS-120 Red
It is better to choose a model with wide blades, all other things being equal, they capture a larger volume of air per revolution. Read more about the choice of paddle spinners here .

Fan be quiet! PURE WINGS 2 [BL040] 1 150 *
Cooler pluses:

Reduces temperature by 5-10 degrees.
It is inexpensive.
Adjusting the rotation speed manually or using the remote control (you need a reobass).
The backlit fan enhances the visual appeal of the transparent case.
You can quickly turn off at will.
Cooler cons:

High noise level.
Dust builds up on the blades.
Gradual failure.
Water cooling
This option is suitable for computers with overclocked processors and powerful video cards. Unlike coolers, liquid cooling systems are quieter and better cool the main components of the PC.


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How to achieve silence with coolers?

A noisy choir of 4–5 fans is annoying at night and makes it difficult to record a high-quality audio stream during the day. An easy way to reduce noise is to buy quiet magnetic centering or hydrodynamic sliding bearing coolers . You can read more about the types of underpants in this article .


It is better to choose coolers with a 4-pin connector to connect them to the reobass. The speed controller will slow down the blower fans by 20% for a smooth air conversion. With such a scheme, the aerodynamic resistance of the casing will decrease – air from below will be sucked into the casing due to the negative pressure created by the blowing fans. The noise level will also decrease, mainly from coolers that force air into the case.


If the coolers are too close together, zones of low performance arise. It is impossible to solve this problem in a small package.

How to drastically reduce the noise level?

To keep your PC quieter and cooler, you need to strike a balance. The volume of the blown air must correspond to the volume of the blown out. If two 120mm coolers are installed in the front, one 140mm cooler is installed in the back. If two 140 mm fans are installed in front, be sure to install a couple of 120 mm turntables on top.

How to redirect air flow?


It is easy to become a master of the wind, you need to remove everything unnecessary from its path and not mix flows. First, let’s clean the PC from dust and do cable management . Then we will make sure that nothing prevents the power supply unit from blowing out warm air and place the fans in the correct sequence.

Where to put your PC?

Since warm air tends to rise while cold air stays at the bottom, the best place to place your computer is on the floor. Just do not put your pet on a shaggy carpet. The PC should have casters or high legs so that cold air can enter from below without hindrance. Do not clutter up the space around and do not place anything on top. The enclosure must be positioned to allow fresh air to flow from the front and hot air out from the back.


The requirements for the room in which the PC is used specify the following parameters: relative humidity – 40-60%, room temperature 21-25 ° C.

If the air is too dry, daily wet cleaning is recommended. You can use a humidifier . With daily rains in summer, the relative humidity gradually rises. Electronics can fail at rates of 80%. The subtropical atmosphere reigns not only in South America, but also in Karelia, from July to August the average relative humidity in this region is 79.2%.

Recommendations: open a window for ventilation, put a powerful fan on the hood.

If it’s hot indoors
Having established air circulation in the PC, let’s take up a large box – a room. The heating and cooling rate of the component parts depends on the room temperature. The easiest way is to put on an air conditioner. If there is no air conditioner, install a fan. The main disadvantage of the floor / table fan is that it circulates air in a circle without changing the temperature in the room.

Sunlight carries heat and gradually heats the indoor air to outside temperature. To reduce the heating rate, we hang blackout curtains or black blinds.

Office PC and upgrade
It makes no sense for owners of weak computers to buy LSS or install a pack of expensive coolers. The easiest way to deal with the heat is to open the side cover and dump your PC into a draft. Converting the air in the room lowers the temperature of the processor and video card by several degrees.


Passive cooling for the motherboard will help speed up the process. You can see the test results here .

An option with an eye to the future: buy a more spacious case with already installed coolers.

Low-cost option to speed up cooling: Direct the floor fan to the PC.


You can cool your pet in the summer in different ways: hang coolers on all free slots, install vigorous passive cooling or LSS. Office PC owners can take the first step towards a global upgrade by purchasing a new case. Do not forget to take care of your pet, and he will serve you for a long time.