Conquest of Kabul

Time turned around and came back to its original state. After 21 years of bloodshed, the world’s superpower was defeated and the Taliban won. Those who spoke became a sign in God’s voice, like Pharaoh.

In fact, the defeat began many years ago on the same day that the United States begged the Taliban for talks and called for an end to the attacks. Just the last page of this defeat was completed today. And this defeat is not only the defeat of the United States, but also the defeat of 42 countries, which invaded Afghanistan in a group called the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Just as the unity of the armies of infidels from all sides in the war of parties had invaded the small state of Madinah. When the eyes were stoned with fear, the hearts were pierced, the believers were tested and shaken badly. The same thing happened to Afghanistan and the Taliban when Allah put them to the test.
Today, the world is watching the unarmed Taliban wearing turbans on their heads and slippers on their feet defeat drones, F-16s, warplanes, aircraft carriers, the world’s most powerful army armed with all kinds of weapons. Pride bowed its head and was buried in the land of Afghanistan. The faces of the arrogant became dusty in the Afghan hawks.

Then the eyes of the heavens saw the scene happening again which we had only heard till now. The glory with which the conquerors of Makkah entered Mecca without a sword, the greatness with which the conqueror of Jerusalem, Salahuddin Ayubi, announced a general amnesty for the Crusaders, the same events we saw happening in Afghanistan. When the Taliban announced a general amnesty on the occasion of the conquest of Kabul, whether friend or foe, everyone is safe.

However, the Taliban have not forgotten how they were persecuted after the US and its allies invaded in 2001, the way they were locked up in steel containers and left in the scorching deserts and starved to death in steel cages. They died in agony. There are still traces of blood scattered in the sands of Dasht-e-Laila. But salutations to the great personalities who, by setting an example of superiority and enlightenment, declared a general amnesty.

The conquest of Kabul is a historical achievement of many centuries which is a sign of greatness and a beacon of light in the chapter of the Muslim Ummah. The place of truth and the falsehood of falsehood is falsehood. Truth came and falsehood vanished. Of course, falsehood had to be eradicated.

The conquest of Kabul is not just a defeat for the United States, but a source of encouragement for the oppressed Muslims around the world, including Kashmir, Myanmar, India and Palestine, who are the victims of the oppression of the oppressors.

So there is good news for those who believe, persevere, persevere and strive in the world of helplessness. What weapon did the United States not test on Afghanistan? Daisy Cutter, Tom Hawk, Cluster, Hellfire, missiles that pierce the mountains. When the thief could not bend the bodies with the wounds of disbelief, then the rain of dollars started to buy the minds with the glitter of wealth. But the eyes of the believers should not be blinded by the glitter of money, the bargain of heaven for the world. Chanakya’s follower India also invested heavily in the hope that from there he would conspire against Muslims and Pakistan. But all the measures were reversed. Some of the medicines worked. Unbelief works its way, and Allah works its way. And Allah is the best of planners. The light of God is laughing at the act of disbelief, this lamp will not be extinguished by blows.

It would be better if all countries, including Pakistan, left the Taliban alone and pursued a policy of non-interference. Instead, continue to build and develop in Afghanistan and do not withdraw your investment at once.