Congo: Police Shoot Dead Student Wearing Mask

Police Shoot Dead Student Wearing Mask

A masked student has been shot dead by a police officer in the Congolese capital.

According to the report of the news agency, the police officer instructed the student named Hanurashma, who made the video for his university assignment, to wear a mask.

Hanover, a student at the University of Kansasha’s Faculty of Arts, told the policeman the reason for not wearing a mask, which infuriated the policeman.

Hanover’s friends say the policeman was hoping for an offer of money, but Hanover gave a legitimate reason for not wearing a mask instead, which the policeman accused Hanover of resisting and shot him.

According to the Kinshasa Police Chief, the policeman who shot the student has been on the run since the incident and every effort is being made to find him. Two other police officers present at the scene have been arrested.

It should be noted that wearing a mask has been made mandatory at the official level to prevent the spread of corona virus and a penalty has been imposed on those who violate this ban.