Colorful Electronic Paper

Colorful Electronic Paper

Sweden: Imagine you are sitting outside in the hot sun and watching a video on a thin display, but it is as clear as we see the screen in a shady room. With this in mind, scientists have created an electronic paper that shows a variety of bright and clear colors.

Sweden’s Chalmers University has developed a very thin electronic paper that can be molded into a screen. It is a kind of reflection screen that shows all the colors perfectly but uses very little electricity.

The light emanates from the back of the traditional screen, allowing us to see the image and words on the display. They work well inside the room but in the daylight, they dig out the light and we have difficulty seeing. That’s why now a reflective paper has been made which can show you every picture and word clearly even in full sun.
The electronic paper does not require a large amount of electricity due to its reflective state, as today’s smartphones run out of batteries. It is a revolutionary invention that will give new angles to displays and New Age screens. Interestingly, further research could make it commercially viable.

It currently consumes about a tenth of the energy of a typical smartphone, but the quality doesn’t matter. Its heart and brain are nano-structures made of tungsten Trixie, gold and platinum. Thanks to them, the screen displays all kinds of bright colors very well.

In this way, electronic paper can be considered as the best alternative to the phone screen of the future.