Chimpanzee Attack On A Guerrilla

Chimpanzee Attack On A Guerrilla

Gabon: For the first time in human history, it has been noted that chimpanzees attacked their superior guerrillas in the open forest, and the fighting continued for a long time. We can call this attack deadly.

Scientists at the Max Planck Center for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and the University of OsnabrÚ©ck have made the initial observation that this may have been due to malnutrition or a lack of rainforests and climate change. The incident took place in Luango National Park in the African city of Gabon.

A large number of chimpanzees have been protected here since 2005, numbering close to 45. Max Planck’s biologist Tobias Dresher is researching the daily life, behavior, hunting habits and equipment use of chimpanzees. Interestingly, chimpanzees have been seen playing and spending time with guerrillas in the jungle.
Similarly, fighting between guerrillas and chimpanzees has never been seen around the world, but now it has come to light. The first battle was seen in 2019. At first the experts heard the chimpanzees screaming and then they started beating their chests like guerrillas. The chimpanzees attacked five guerrillas.

There were two clashes that lasted for 52 and 79 minutes. In the ensuing battle, two male and several female guerrillas were rescuing their cubs when chimpanzees captured and killed two of the guerrilla cubs.

According to experts, elephants also live in his park in Gabon. Perhaps food shortages and lack of space have created pressure and competition in the park, with animals fighting each other. But experts are also considering it from other angles.






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