Cheap and cheerful: who needs headphones for 100 rubles?

“Simple as three rubles” is, perhaps, an exhaustive description of the hero of our article. We are talking about headphones of the lowest price range. What are their features and what can they be useful for?

Who needs cheap headphones
First of all, it should be noted that we are talking about devices with low sound quality. Characteristics, to put it mildly, are mediocre, the workmanship is lame. However, these headphones are still in great demand. Why?

As mentioned above, the sound quality of cheap headphones is low. Pop music or classical music can still be mastered. But if you are a fan of rock or heavy metal, it is better to spare your ears. Make out where the guitars are and where the drums are. But full enjoyment due to blurred sound cannot be obtained.

Wired headphones Aceline AE-015 black 150 *
Why are they needed if everything is so bad? The fact is that this is a great one-time option. For example, you forgot your headphones, and driving without music is completely boring. But do not forget: prolonged listening to these headphones can cause discomfort in the ears.

We listen to the radio
For listening to radio, podcasts or audiobooks, inexpensive headphones are fine. However, there is another problem here. Extraneous noise (for example, street noise) will disturb you greatly. Plug-in models are especially prone to this. However, inexpensive intra-channel also will not be able to provide good sound insulation.


Protecting the ears
Headphones can be used at a construction site as earplugs. Of course, on sale you can find special anti-noise headphones. But if those are not at hand, ordinary in-channel ones can also replace them.

Earmuffs Uvex Whisper 2111237 150 *
They will not completely remove the noise around, but their level will definitely be reduced. In case of damage or severe contamination, these headphones can simply be thrown away and replaced with others.


What else?
If a child often loses or breaks headphones, the easiest way is to buy him an inexpensive model. Here you need to pay attention to the sound quality. In some cases, it will be just awful.

Wired headset Redline E01 black 130 *
They are also useful for those who communicate a lot on the phone. We are, of course, talking about the headset. Such models are sometimes sold at very affordable prices.

Features of inexpensive headphones
If you decide to buy inexpensive headphones, you should not forget about some of the nuances.


Their hulls do not have a high margin of safety. Of course, in the hands they will not crumble. But you can forget about metal or wooden inserts. As well as about the original design (if it is important to you, of course).
These headphones have thin conductors and cables: they are easy to damage. With prolonged use, such wires become thinner faster, especially at the point of attachment to the speaker. In this case, one of the headphones will stop playing music. With a strong bend in the area of ​​​​the plug, there is also a risk of damage to the conductors. In these cases, you will need to solder or completely replace the headphones.

Wired headphones Intro RX115 black 99 *
The characteristics of the headphones will not allow you to achieve loud and high-quality sound. Take, for example, the frequency range: it usually ranges from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Bass in most models will be weak. If desired (or necessary), you can listen to music in them. But the sound quality is several times inferior to more expensive models.

There are no additional chips, such as a convenient head mount or an active noise cancellation system. In the latter case, extraneous sounds can be extinguished with the help of ear pads. But this is true only for in-ear headphones.
No protection against moisture and dust. Headphones most likely will not survive getting into water. Well, you need to play sports in them more carefully: the ingress of sweat will not have the best effect on performance.
Despite the mediocre build quality and sound, very cheap headphones have been and will be in demand. They have few advantages, but they still perform their main function. For sure, simplicity and affordability are a plus for many buyers. You don’t need to study their characteristics for a long time or understand the sound quality: I saw it, I bought it and that’s it. The option is short-lived, but if they break, it will not be a pity.