Certificate Mafia And Fake Documents

Certificate Mafia And Fake Documents

In today’s Global Village, it is the norm everywhere that when a student passes an exam at any level, he or she is awarded a certificate, diploma, or degree for that achievement, which is proof of his or her success. On the other hand, it is proof of the education received by this graduate student. Proof of everything is very important in today’s material life because without it no one believes you.

Birth certificate if we are born, death certificate if we die, B form certificate from NADRA if we enter school, certificate of leaving school if we leave school, certificate if we pass the exam, discharge from hospital if we enter and leave Certificate, Certificate if you get drops, Certificate if you get vaccinated, Certificate if you go abroad, Certificate if you go abroad, Domicile certificate to get a job, Certificate if you are disabled, Certificate if you get a job, Character certificate, for a specific job Certificate of work experience in this field, certificate of working in the first company from one company to another, family tree certificate from NADRA for confirmation of family member, income tax certificate of businessmen etc.

In this day and age, we need some kind of certificate, from breathing to exhalation, because the world now believes in our certificates more than we do, and it is because of our attitudes and ways that we are able to do something for someone. Have not been trusted.
Looking at all this, it seems that we are in need of certificates in today’s modern and developed world. Because without it no one believes in our education, no one values ​​our morals, no one thinks we are healthy and no one agrees to give us a decent job. Now it has been decided that if we are to live this life with our heads held high, we should have a dozen certificates with us at all times in our bags, which, when needed, should be immediately taken out and placed in front of the servant, so that the eyes of the one in front are opened Don’t let our feet rest on the ground with pride and the people sitting in front of us look at us with envious eyes.

So far, it is true that proof of every work requires a hard paper, but what if that hard paper, ie certificate or degree, is forged? This means that a person who has that certificate or degree is not eligible for it and if he gets any position on this basis, he will not be able to do justice to this job, because he will not be able to do that job. Now, obviously, the purpose of issuing the certificate is to verify that the person who has been issued is eligible for the job listed on it. But here in our society, anyone who needs such a certificate is trying to get a certificate from outside and work. For this, everyone tries their best, some use recommendations and some work with money and somehow the incompetent majority manages to get their required paperwork.

It has now become a common thing in our country that anyone who needs a document, needs to get a certificate, immediately starts looking for a reference for it and gets his work done by giving a link or more while creating a link. With regard to fake certificates, in our country, from education certificates to professional degrees and from polio vaccines to now corona vaccine certificates, it is not a matter of life and death. Investigations at several institutions have revealed that many people have been recruited on fake papers.

There are many private laboratories in the country that make medical fitness reports without seeing anyone. Many people are serving on such reports at home and abroad. If a person has a medical problem, he has to increase the amount of money to get it fit and the person gets fit. A few years ago, Saudi Arabia made it mandatory for those going from Pakistan to take polio drops and asked them to bring their certificates with them. All of them had the original certificate without any drops.

Ever since the government started vaccinating against corona, some sensible people have been vaccinating on the instructions of the government and doctors, but the public was caught in the false propaganda of ignorance and not only refused to vaccinate themselves but also others. She was forbidding and not knowing what interpretations she was offering. But now that the government has made vaccination compulsory for government employees and narrowing the scope for other citizens to be vaccinated, such people have taken out parts again and are looking for ways to avoid having to be vaccinated. And get a certificate. You will use a link or money for this and of course, you will succeed in what is impossible here, because there is nothing surprising here.

If medical labs are giving fitness certificates to someone without seeing them, government hospitals are giving polio certificates to those who go out without getting vaccinated, the vehicle is being declared fit to run on the road without being checked. In the recent inquiry in PIA, not all the pilots but some of them had fake licenses. Driving licenses are running at number two. The purpose here is to spoil the sound.

The government is requested that if we are the people in need of certificates, then at least this system should be straightened out, so that the person who has a degree or certificate, we do not look at it with suspicion. One of the main reasons for the poor performance of our institutions is that the “right person is not in the right seat”. How will those who sit on a seat through corruption do the work of others without corruption and recommendation, and those who go abroad with double degrees and false polio and corona certificates, how will they raise the name of their country?

Believe me, the Certificate Mafia is by no means less powerful than the Sugar Mafia, Petrol Mafia, Wheat Mafia and Inflation Mafia, but it is hollowing out the roots of our society. Strong and ruthless action is needed against them. Strict and exemplary action against those who create and produce fake certificates and reports, who certify and forge documents, is a matter of urgency. Because only in this way can we give our right to every rightful person and by exposing those who snatch someone’s right, we can save our dear homeland from such thieves, robbers and certificate mafia. The task is difficult but not impossible. Just sincerity and determination to make the country a welfare state must be in the heart and mind.