Cat killed a Rare

cat killed rare

London: A rare bat traveling 2,000 km from London to Russia has been killed by a cat. The glitter is a symbol of the London Zoo. But unfortunately, he was killed by a cat.

This substance, as small as a human thumb, is called the bat Nathusius’ pipistrelle. It had a logo from the London Zoo. Upon arrival in Russia, a group of bats rescued him and tried hard to save his life, but he could not survive.

The tiny creature weighed just eight grams and was found by Svetlana Lapina, a resident of the small Russian village of Molgaino, according to the UK’s Beat Conservation Trust.
Bats expert Lisa Worlej said it was the longest distance the bat had ever recorded. This has revealed the migration of these animals and other scientific secrets. Earlier, their distance from one continent to another was no less than a mystery. The bat was given a ring in 2016 with a bar code and a symbol on it.

Earlier, another bat of the same breed flew from Latvia to Spain and covered a distance of 2224 km. This animal is very rare and only 2600 such bats have been recorded in the UK.