Can 4K projectors be better than TV

Since the days of the first screens, the pursuit of the best image has not stopped. Each user would like to watch movies in high quality, and the gamer would like to get the clearest and smoothest picture in games. Therefore, the display resolution is constantly increasing. It would seem that until recently Full-HD resolution was a technological know-how. And now there are QHD, 4K and even 8K. But through what to display the picture in this resolution? This time we will talk about TVs and projectors and compare them from the point of view of the average user.

TV sets
The most popular option for those who like to watch movies or play on the big screen. The main advantage of a TV set over a monitor is its size. Any game or movie looks much more immersive on the big screen, especially if the manufacturers used a high-quality matrix when creating it.

Pros and cons of TVs

The TV can be placed almost anywhere in the house.
Easy and fine adjustment of image parameters for every taste. It is very easy to adjust the brightness, contrast and color reproduction on the TV.
Does not depend on the light in the room.
More different connectors and expansion slots.
A modern TV set with access to the Internet can be used as an independent device for watching films, serials and broadcasts.
The TVs have a built-in speaker system.
Great resource of work.

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The large size of the TV severely restricts transportation. You can’t just put your TV in your bag and carry it around. In this case, do not forget about the possibility of damaging it. Therefore, having bought a TV, you need to accept that it will leave the borders of the house only in extreme cases.
Viewing angles. With a large viewing angle, the image can be distorted and greatly lose quality.
Limited and unchanging screen area.
Projectors are ubiquitous in movie theaters. Watching a new thriller or comedy, viewers see exactly the picture created by the projector. The peculiarity of the projectors lies in the huge image compared to other screens.


Pros and cons of projectors

Compactness. Unlike TVs, projectors do not have their own screen, which allows you to fit the device into a small case that does not weigh much and easily fits into a backpack.
Huge image. The main reason to get hold of a projector is the size of the resulting image. No TV or monitor can match projectors in terms of output picture size. This is why cinemas do not use huge LCD screens, but rather compact and convenient projectors. A large picture on the wall will give you much more emotion than a picture on a TV.
Viewing angles are irrelevant. Modern TVs successfully get rid of the problem of image distortion due to viewing angles, but projectors did not even initially have such a problem.
The eyes are less tired from the image projected on the wall or screen.

A projector with support for Full-HD resolution will cost several times more than a TV with the same resolution.
To use the projector, you need to prepare the room by creating the right level of lighting in it. You also need to prepare the wall or install a special screen. In this case, the projector must be fixed exactly opposite the screen.
The lamp life is much shorter than that of TVs and monitors. After some time using the projector, you may need to replace the lamp.
Not all models have speakers.
Side-by-side comparison of projectors and TVs
Let’s take two pairs of projector and TV models for comparison.
The first pair is LED Samsung UE55NU7090 and Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector.

55 “(138 cm) TV LED Samsung UE55NU7090 black

Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector white
Both devices are in roughly the same price range. The first thing that catches your eye is the difference in resolution. For the price of a 4K TV from Samsung, you can now only buy a Full-HD projector. The diagonal of the TV is 55 inches, and the projector is capable of delivering a picture with a diagonal of 40 to 200 inches. Compared to the capabilities of a projector, 55 inches seems quite modest.

Samsung runs on the Tizen operating system, has Smart TV support and has a Wi-Fi module. Xiaomi also has a Wi-Fi module, but no Smart TV. But there is Android TV 9.0. Thanks to this software, both devices can be used autonomously, without connecting to a computer. The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses DLP matrix technology, which is good for the picture. Compared to LCD matrices, the picture is much clearer and more contrasting. At the same time, good color reproduction is maintained.

Now let’s compare a 4K projector to a TV for the same price.

65 “(164 cm) TV LED LG 65SM8200PLA black 69 999 *

BenQ W1700 Projector White
Let’s take a projector from BenQ, model W1700. Its rival will be the LG 65SM8200 – a TV with an impressive 65-inch (165 centimeters) diagonal and a beautiful screen. It uses nanocell technology to produce richer colors than conventional LCDs. 4K UltraHD (3840×2160) resolution, HDR 10 Pro and 20W speaker system.

What does the projector offer? 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate (LG TV is only 50Hz), HDR support and built-in 5W speaker.

Let’s summarize
The price of the projectors is really upsetting, because a good TV with the same resolution will cost much less. But on the other hand, the price is offset by the impressive projection dimensions and portability. In addition, the projected image is much less irritating to the eyes than monitors and televisions.

The projector will suit fans of movies and TV shows. If you connect it to a game console or computer, you can play games on the big screen. Provided that the premises are well prepared, it will show its owner beautiful landscapes, give a lot of positive emotions from your favorite game or watching a movie. You can easily take the projector with you on a trip, visit or an event to watch your favorite programs in the company. A big disadvantage is the lack of its own audio system in many models. We’ll have to connect to the speakers. Fortunately, Bluetooth is available in almost all models.

A TV is an easier-to-use device. It can be installed in any room without worrying about lighting and proper location. The TV is also well suited for gamers who do not have a large free wall at home or the ability to install a screen, because you can connect a computer or console to the TV. The audio system will allow you not to worry about adjusting the sound, since everything is already prepared in advance by the manufacturer. The TV is suitable for those who need a good picture without much effort.