Buyers’ Choice: 4 Retro Consoles, November 2019 – February 2020

Eight- and sixteen-bit prefixes – how much nostalgia for the 90s in these words. In the wake of general trends “from the past”, the good old consoles also climbed up, allowing you to play the legendary games from childhood, which stood at the origins of the gaming industry, in the present. Now anyone can play Dendy and Sega by connecting them to the TV, invite friends and plunge headlong into a carefree time. With what prefixes from the past DNS buyers prefer to indulge in nostalgia – let’s see.

4th place

Game console SEGA Magistr Drive 2 + 160 different games
SEGA Magistr Drive 2 immerses you in the world of old-school games familiar from childhood. The kit already includes 160 games, so you don’t have to buy cartridges. Connection to the TV is carried out using a standard AV cable, which is included in the kit. Responsible for performance is an improved 16-bit processor model from Motorola, which provides high-speed performance and uninterrupted gaming. It was these processors that were installed on the original Sega Mega Drive consoles and all available applications for the set-top box were developed for this architecture.

SEGA Magistr Drive 2 is being tested by a special code that is issued only to official developers. This guarantees the possibility of using licensed cartridges regardless of the time of release, which distinguishes this model from others on the list. The joysticks of the model completely repeat the classic form: it is easy to remember the controls and quickly immerse yourself in the game.


3rd place

Game console Magistr Titan 3 HDMI + 555 games 4 199 *
A great option for fans of the Sega Mega Drive is the 16-bit Magistr Titan 3 set-top box. It differs from analogues in the presence of an HDMI port. Thanks to this, you can safely use any modern TV models and even monitors. At the same time, an HDMI cable, power supply and 2 gamepads are included. The console comes with 555 high-quality games, but you can add more games if you need to by connecting a microSD memory card. The games are controlled by traditional joysticks.

The console supports both 16-bit and 8-bit software. In addition to games on the console, you can view photos, videos and listen to music recorded on the drive – the set-top box supports all popular file formats, turning the console into a full-fledged multimedia center. For ease of use, you can split all applications into folders, because the console supports a standard file system.

2nd place

Game console Dendy Master + 195 games
Dendy Master is a clone of the world-famous NES console, better known in the post-Soviet space as Dendy. Even despite the many modern games with amazing graphics, this console remains in demand. Fans of old games are actively using various emulators to enjoy the unique gameplay. Having bought such a prefix, you can completely forget about installing additional software and fully play with a convenient gamepad.

The manufacturer immediately installed 195 of the most popular games. But if you wish, you can use the old “true” cartridges, if you have them lying around in an old children’s memory box. Also included are 2 gamepads needed to connect the wire and an external power supply. The 8-bit 7.61MHz Motorola 6502 processor is ideal for these kinds of games and ensures a smooth and smooth gaming experience. The processor is fully adapted, because it was it that was installed on the original consoles sold in the post-Soviet space in the 90s.

1st place

Game console SEGA Magistr Titan 3 + 500 games 3 050 *
The leader in popularity was SEGA Magistr Titan 3 with 500 built-in games. As in the heyday of consoles, the set includes 2 joysticks, allowing you to play together with friends and family members. Such a prefix plunges into amazing and colorful worlds, familiar to many gamers since childhood. If the pre-installed games are not enough (which is unlikely), you can play others downloaded from the official site or from other resources. To do this, you can use a microSD card up to 32 GB. You can run both 16-bit and 8-bit games – this will appeal to fans of Dendy and Sega. The console also allows you to view images, play videos and listen to music.

The console connects via a standard AV cable and works with any TV. Despite the lack of an HDMI port, the set-top box took first place in the top. After all, the usual “tulips” are supported by a much larger number of devices. In addition, it allows you to play on old kinescope TVs for maximum immersion in childhood and create a retro atmosphere.