Building My Personal Computer 2021

Hello my dear readers. Today I want to present to you my personal assembly of a personal computer for work and play.


Intel Core i3-10105F BOX 7 299 processor *
I started assembling my personal computer with the processor.

My choice fell on the Intel Core i3 10105F BOX since it is not expensive and is a kind of budget and the best solution among intel processors in the price-performance category. From the information on youtube in games, this processor has almost no performance difference with the intel core i5 10400F.

“What kind of gaming performance is there with today’s price policy for video cards?”

The processor has 4 cores and 8 threads on board thanks to the hyper treading technology operating at frequencies from 3.7 GHz to 4.4 GHz in turbo boost mode .

At first I wanted to buy an intel Core i3 1100F, but seeing the difference in price I bought this particular processor, since the boxed version of the intel core i3 10105F has a better cooling system and it is quite a bit more productive than the intel core i3 10100F, the difference is not big, roughly speaking, almost an error …

The box cooler for this processor is made in black and has a copper cooling core, thus this cooler looks more stylish and, thanks to the copper core, has more efficient heat dissipation.

Intel Core i3 10105F does not have a video core, I personally do not need it, since I was going to buy a budget graphics card from Nvidia.

“I want to note that the performance of this processor is at the level of the older 6th and 7th generation intel core i7 models, and this is a definite plus!”

I looked towards AMD, but not for long, since their Ryzen 3100-3300 processors with about the same power are 30-40 percent more expensive.

This processor seemed to me the ideal solution for all my tasks, since I did not find anything more productive for this money.


Hyper treading is a technology created by intel, which allows processing multiple threads on each processor core. The more threads, the more tasks the processor can perform in parallel, thereby the processor works faster and more efficiently.

Turbo boost – this technology allows you to maintain a balance between the performance and energy efficiency of your personal computer. Roughly speaking, when your computer needs processor power, the processor frequency rises, and when it is not needed at all, the frequency decreases, thereby not wasting energy.

General processor specifications

Processor model – intel Core i3-10105F
Release date – 03/16/2021
Process technology – 14 nm
Number of cores / threads – 4/8
Processor base frequency – 3.7 GHz
CPU Turbo Boost Base Frequency – 4.4 GHz
L3 cache – 6 MB
Maximum memory capacity – 128 GB
Memory type – DDR4 with a maximum frequency of 2666 MHz
Integrated graphics – none
Heat dissipation – 65w
Recommended price – $ 97

GIGABYTE H410M S2H V2 5 350 motherboard *
The choice fell on a motherboard from Gigabyte, model GIGABYTE H410M S2H V2. Since this motherboard has everything you need to create an excellent balanced build.

For me, the main criterion was the presence of an SSD M2 connector, since M2 SSD disks make the operating system work great, everything loads very quickly and does not slow down anything, and this connector is present in this motherboard.

There are two slots for RAM in this motherboard and there are quite enough of them, since the total amount of RAM can be 64 gigabytes and this is already super, but the main thing is to immediately decide which set of RAM to install, since then you will have to resell everything, because you will have to add RAM won’t work.

For hard drives or ordinary SSD drives with a SATA connector, there are 4 Sata ports on board our motherboard, which I think is also quite enough for an office or medium-sized gaming personal computer, as you can roughly put 1 fast drive under the system and 4 drives for storing information …

“I categorically do not recommend using ordinary hard drives for storing information, as they have a very slow speed for reading and writing, but this is my personal opinion.”

General motherboard specifications

Motherboard model – GIGABYTE H410M S2H V2
Socket – LGA 1200
Chipset – Intel H470
Supported RAM – DDR4
The minimum supported memory frequency – 2133 MHz
Maximum supported memory frequency – 2933 MHz
Type and number of SATA ports – 4x SATA 6Gb / s
M.2 Storage Interface – PCI-E 3.0 x2, SATA 3
Internal USB headers on board – 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen1
Number and type of USB on the rear panel – 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A
Video Outputs – DVI-D, VGA (D-Sub), HDMI
Network adapter chipset – Realtek RTL8118AS

256GB SSD M.2 drive DEXP L2 RGB [EPC256GTLCAEA3CD-DRI] 3999 *
I bought an SSD disk not expensive, from the DEXP company in the DNS retail network. I really liked this SSD, I absolutely love it! Since it has high operating speeds, RGB backlighting and, most importantly, the “reasonable price” is the price that prompted me to buy this SSD drive.

The memory of this SSD drive is 256 gigabytes, to be honest, it’s just for me, but the 512 gigabyte version is simply not in the store, although there was another cheaper version with the same amount of memory, but I decided to take it from RGB since the price tag is not was very different at the time.

This SSD M2 disk has a read speed of 3000 mb / s, and a write speed of 1500 mb / s, which is undoubtedly cool and an order of magnitude higher than putting a regular SSD drive under the operating system.

I have been completely satisfied with the work of the disc for two months now.

General Specifications of SSD M2 Disk

Form factor – M2 2280
Dimensions – 80mm x 22mm x 3.5mm
Memory type – 3D NAND TLC
Controller – Phison PS5012-E12
Interface – NVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 x4.
Read / write speed – 3000/1000 Megabytes per second
Warranty – 3 years

Memory AMD Radeon R7 Performance Series [R7S416G2606U2K] 16 GB 5999 *
So we got to the RAM.

I was looking for some kind of RAM to take at a cheaper price and I needed at least for 2021 a volume of two 8 gigabyte strips, that is, only 16 gigabytes.


I settled on AMD Radeon R7 Performance Series RAM with a maximum frequency of 2666 MHz. The frequency is not high, but I don’t need it anymore for my needs, since I don’t play and I don’t do video editing. Most of all I am worried about reliability and price, and as time has shown, this RAM has everything you need to buy.

General technical characteristics of RAM

RAM Model – AMD Radeon R7 Performance Series
Release year – 2019
RAM Type and Form Factor – DDR4 DIMM
The volume of one RAM module – 8 GB
Frequency – 2666 Megahertz
Supply voltage – 1.2 V
There is a radiator
Video card

ASUS GeForce GT 1030 LP [GT1030-2G-BRK] 8 199 *
Since the situation with video adapters is now difficult and I am not a miner or outbid, I had to be content with all the phenomenal technologies of Nvidia Ge-Force GT 1030, which has 2 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory on its board, and having this video card, you can play quite comfortably in which – some old toys or well-optimized online games for almost any hardware.


“When buying Nvidia Ge-Force 1030, pay attention to the type of video memory, as they come with DDR4 memory. The performance of the Ge-Force GT 1030 with DDR4 video memory is very lame, and the price tag is practically the same.”

General technical characteristics of the video card

Manufacturer – ASUS
Model – ASUS GeForce GT 1030 LP
GPU – GP108
Process technology – 14 nm
GPU frequency – 1228 MHz
GPU turbo frequency – 1506 MHz
Shader Processors – 384
Video memory – 2 GB
Video memory type – GDDR 5
Video memory bus width – 64 bit
Maximum video memory bandwidth – 48 GB / sec
Video Connections – HDMI, DisplayPort
Additional power connectors are missing
Number of occupied slots: 1
Graphics card dimensions – 169×21
Power Supply

Power supply unit Deepcool DN550 3 799 *
I chose the power supply from Deepcool, model DN 550.

This is an excellent power supply, probably even the best for its price.

The power supply has an excellent price-quality ratio, as it has 80 PLUS Standart certification, the declared power on the 12-volt line is 504W, and the undoubted advantage of this power supply is its warranty, which is 5 years!

“I probably would not have bought this power supply if it were not for the huge warranty period.”

I also want to note the fact that this power supply unit is quite quiet in operation and does not cause disgusting emotions due to noise or anything else.


Корпус AeroCool Aero One Mini Frost [Aero One Mini Frost-G-BK-v1] черный 4 299 *
My choice fell on the case from AeroCool, the Aero One Mini Frost model.


An excellent case with a lower location of the power supply, the ability to make a neat, beautiful assembly, not with bad metal in which this case is actually made, as well as the presence of meshes in the places where the fans are located was very pleased, as you can really install a bunch of fans, and the problem with dust and help solve the mesh data.

I also liked the design of the front grille, to be honest, it reminds me of some kind of beautiful window made of colored mosaic, this effect is caused by the RGB fans installed on the front panel of this case. There is also an RGB fan on the back of the case.

“The only thing I didn’t like in this case was that there was no RGB backlight adjustment for the fans included in the kit, the same probably fatty drawback is that the back panel is made of some kind of very thin metal, which bends at the slightest pressure, I noticed this when installing a video card ”

Almost the same new case can be bought much cheaper and it is called AeroCool Aero One Mini and the only difference between this case and the case that I now have is that there are no front fans with RGB backlighting, and since they are mediocre here, you can save well by buying a version without them …

Case AeroCool Aero One Mini [Aero One Mini-G-BK-v1] black 2 699 *
If you want to save 1,500 rubles, then this case will suit you, I would personally put fans in it without backlighting, since the backlighting of the existing fans in this case is not adjustable.

CPU cooler

Cooler for processor DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 BL [DP-MCH4-GMX400P-BL] 1 999 *
In my assembly, I changed the cooler that came with my processor. The complete cooler, although not bad, I remembered that I had just a suitable tower cooler from the DEEPCOOL company, the DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 BL model, with four heat pipes. It really removes heat much better than a boxed cooler, since the temperature difference is that in idle, that in the load is as much as 10 degrees!


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About assembly
This assembly turned out to be quite suitable for almost any of my work. Be it Photoshop, Word documents, Excel. You can also play not very demanding games, since games such as World of Tanks, GTA 5, PUBG work quite normally and without brakes. If you want to play something more, then it is enough to replace the video card or if you want to do video editing, then you will also need to replace the video card and be sure to initially buy 32 gigabytes of RAM, since video editing is a very voracious thing and if you immediately put two modules of 8 gigabytes, then in the future you will have to sell this set of RAM and buy two modules of 16 gigabytes each.

Windows Boot Demonstration
Now I want to visually show you how quickly the Windows login and various applications load. You can see all this in the video below.

Turn-on speed of this personal computer
Adobe Photoshop opening speed

Microsoft Word opening speed
The computer turns on quickly and smoothly, I also want to note that the applications installed on the SSD open quite quickly too!

I have been using this assembly for about two months now and I am completely satisfied, since the performance for my tasks is enough with my head. For those who need a personal computer for everyday household tasks, I can safely recommend this assembly.