Best selfie software

Selfies are gradually becoming an integral part of our life. And while scientists are trying to figure out what is the popularity of selfies, software developers are not asleep and release a lot of applications so that users can take high-quality and exciting photos. After reading this material, you will not only get acquainted with the most popular selfie apps, but also find out who took the world’s first selfie, where it is forbidden to take them during a bull run and other interesting things.

A software that allows you to make your skin pleasant and your teeth whiter. No, cosmetology has nothing to do with it, because this is a powerful photo editor with a lot of useful and pleasant functions. You can install it on Android or IOS for free and start experimenting immediately. In addition to erasing skin imperfections or whitening teeth, the application will help you crop the image, make some areas in the photo sharper or, on the contrary, blurred.

And that is not all. The user will be able to replace the background, correct the contours of the face, apply several makeup options and much more. In the wake of success, the developers have modernized the program, which is called Facetune 2. In addition to the name, there are new features and more pleasant control in the form of sliders.

The cute girl in the stock photo has become even more irresistible with the help of the program.

The first ever self-portrait was taken by the American Robert Cornelius in 1839. Of course, the word “selfie” did not exist then, but Cornelius is rightfully considered the first who managed to take a realistic photograph of himself.

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Another program for Android and IOS that has everything you need for quick and easy photo processing. The program is free, however, you need to spend money to get some items. You can take pictures directly using the utility itself by choosing an aspect ratio (3: 4 or 1: 1), or you can upload ready-made photos. Many people will love the ability to quickly create collages from several pictures.

So, the photos have been taken, we start processing. To do this, CandyCamera offers so many filters and stickers that even sophisticated selfie lovers will have their eyes running wild. In addition to filters, a mode will be in demand and useful, with which you can make changes to your appearance – change the shape of your nose, make a facelift, big eyes or a wider smile. You can even make adjustments to your figure: narrow your waist, widen your hips, lengthen your legs, and even make abs cubes. All this is done manually by moving and stretching the sliders.

The screenshot shows that even the brutal Batman, under the influence of the program’s mechanisms, could not help smiling. By the way, this is another plus of the application – there are no problems with face recognition, even if they are not real.

The popular belief is that the word selfie is originally from Australia. Compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary found a mention of this term on one of the Internet forums back in 2002.

An original application with a simple interface, suitable for Android and IOS platforms. The user is expected by standard functions that allow you to change the color, background, sharpness, temperature, apply a lot of filters and, of course, make adjustments to your image. However, the main power of the application lies elsewhere. Namely in FUN and LAYOUTS modes.

The first allows you to change your appearance by applying hairstyles, beards, mustaches, glasses, smiles, etc. You can even insert your face into your favorite video frame and feel like a movie hero. Or apply a Hollywood filter and look like a glossy magazine cover. Also attracted by the morphing technology, thanks to which you can combine your photo with any other image, for example, with the one where your favorite actor is. The program is free, but do not forget that some of the filters can only be purchased for a fee.


LAYOUTS mode is suitable for those who want to make collages or try themselves as a stylist. When using the Stylist function, the user will see his own image on the screen, as well as three separate screens on which he can experiment with applying makeup, glasses, hairstyles and hair color.

Pressing the “Mirrors” button will allow you to place in front of your selfie a mirror image of yourself, but in a different form.

In Pamplona, ​​Spain, it is forbidden to take selfies during an encierro or a bull run. Not only is it dangerous, but also inconvenient when there is an angry bull behind your back.

The program for Android and IOS does not need any special introduction. A simple but effective application allows you to apply a huge number of all kinds of effects and filters to your photo. For convenience, all of them are combined into thematic groups that will help you not to get lost in the abundance of masks, stickers, stickers and filters. For example, opening the effects, the user will find categories such as CAT, Hot, New. After pressing the Filter button, you can select the desired one among the sections RETRO, COLOR, FOOD, etc.

The program also has other useful “chips”. The user not only chooses the size of the image (9:16, 3: 4, 1: 1), but also makes a photo collage from several pictures right through the camera, using the already prepared form. To do this, you just need to choose the shape you like and take a photo. There is a special highlight for those who need to shoot a video and add music to it. By clicking on the melody icon in the interface, the user will be able to select the melody he likes and, returning back, feel free to start shooting a video. By the way, you can upload your own melody, but only from the video.


In 2014, selfie sticks, also known as a selfie stick , were included in the list of “25 Best Inventions of 2014”. Do not forget that in some countries there are bans on the use of selfie sticks in certain places, for example, in Disneyland.

Take me
This utility will be a real helper for all selfie lovers, because it is a camera and photo editor in one bottle. In the main menu, the user can select already taken photos from the phone gallery and edit it. Color correction, memes, text, animation are available. You can also blur photos from the gallery or make a collage out of them.


In utility mode, the app also provides tons of creative possibilities. Digging into the settings, you can set a timer, take a picture with one touch, or turn on stabilization. The application allows you to work with numerous filters, as well as create collages using only the camera. To do this, it is enough to select the necessary collage blank and take the pictures you like, and the program will complete the installation process on its own. Suitable for Android and IOS.


Scientists from the City University of New York decided to study some of the features and differences of selfies in major cities around the world. They were able to find out that women, regardless of where they live, are more likely than men to take and post selfies. Also, during filming, women like to tilt their heads to one side, and this is typical for some cities, for example, such as Sao Paulo. And one of the most “smiling” cities is Bangkok, where up to 68% of the total take selfies with a smile.