Best Games of the 21st Century – 2001

In 2001 , the gaming industry was in a real euphoria, firstly, the financial performance of many companies was rapidly creeping up, and the total market was breaking all records. Secondly, three new gaming systems appeared at once: Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance , as well as Microsoft’s Xbox . But who can remember this today? It is much more important what games we remember the year of the “Golden Snake”.

The hit parade is opened by the notorious Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty from the genius Hideo Kojima himself . And that should already be enough. The game has become one of the most popular projects on the PlayStation 2 , taking an honorable 4th place. In terms of graphics, sound, and gameplay, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was ahead of most of the competition. For 2001, this was a real breakthrough that changed the gaming industry, and no one expected anything less from the “genius”.

The first part of Devil May Cry could not boast of either beautiful graphics, or chic music, or an exciting storyline. However, there was something much more important and not subject to aging – the gameplay. It was just fun to play. A variety of creative weapons that gave incredible abilities, forced to move further and further, using different combinations on crowds of enemies.

And about the opportunity to turn into a demon and show who the real evil is, there is nothing to say. Of course, now it does not sound very exciting, but 19 years ago this was unthinkable. And who would have thought that a game conceived as Resident Evil 4 will turn into a separate, successful project called Devil May Cry .

Grand Theft Auto 3 is without a doubt the most important and most influential game on this list. After all, all modern “sandboxes” somehow owe their origin to GTA 3 . It was the third part that became the first game in the series, made in honest 3D. Here you can add a huge open world, complete freedom of action, except, perhaps, the plot, it is completely linear. But outside it, you could do whatever your heart desires and there were plenty of opportunities for this: cars, trunks, mafiosi, cops, ordinary citizens living their own lives. Anyone could get under the rapid firefight.

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As a rule, each such fight ended with six stars in the right corner of the monitor, from the mere sight of which hands trembled and goosebumps ran all over the body, because this is a clear sign of getting the inscription “spent” in full screen. However, freedom for that and freedom – you can do whatever you want. Immediately after leaving the hospital, you jump into the first convertible you see, choose your favorite radio station, and slowly roll through the busy streets of the city into the sunset.

The year 2001 was also a landmark for the Final Fantasy series , because it was at this time that Final Fantasy X was released, the main feature of which is the implementation in full 3D. The first trailers of the game were perceived as something incredible and impossible, it was hard not to admire such beauty. And when the game came out, it turned out that the videos were not lying, and this is actually a very beautiful and technologically advanced project. But the matter was not limited to graphics: the game boasted full voice acting, an addictive combat system with a change of allies right on the battlefield, and the plot, traditionally for the series, left its mark on memory for a long time. And fortunately, if for some reason Final Fantasy X bypassed you, there is a good Remaster that will painlessly allow you to touch one of the best games in the series.

There is absolutely no need to explain what Sid Meier’s Civilization is, because even a person far from such games will be able to understand the basics from a few screenshots and a gameplay video. However, in order to fully master the mechanics of the game and become a real ruler of the whole world, it will take tens or even hundreds of hours of real time.

Civilization III is an excellent balanced strategy game with good graphics, a relatively clear interface and controls, but most importantly, with gameplay that can captivate until the morning.

From the mere pronunciation of Silent Hill 2, you want to hide in a corner and never come out of there. Not all players who launched this masterpiece saw the ending. The reason for this is not bad graphics, plot or gameplay, but animal fear. Not a single project before Silent Hill 2 could boast of such a terrible atmosphere, and even after few people managed to surpass this nightmare.

The best shooter of 2001, and according to many the best game of the year, was Max Payne . It’s all because of the insane pace of the game and complex shootouts, which are based on the slow-mo effect. Without slowing down, some levels would be simply impassable: there are many opponents, they are smart and cunning, and bullets always fly somewhere in the wrong direction. And only a quick jump from behind cover in the direction of the enemies could give a little respite and a couple of seconds to think about further actions.

Thoughtful locations, good graphics (one could scold only too angular character models) and history played into the hands of Max Payne . Its essence is simple – a good policeman loses his family and in the desire for revenge becomes an undercover agent. But pretty soon, because of the set-up, all the policemen of the city are armed against the protagonist, and Max has to fight on two fronts. In addition to the fact that the story itself is great, it is also served in a comic style.

How many people remember the last game of the Piranha Bytes studio – ELEX ? But Gothic , even after 19 years, there is someone to discuss with. In addition to many bugs and impenetrable glitches, fans will remember a fascinating story with many crazy quests. The combat system with room for experimentation was also interesting. But perhaps the most important thing is the atmosphere. Huge, dark and harsh fantasy world, filled with creatures of varying degrees of danger, could be explored in any direction, and the game encouraged this. Maybe Piranha Bytes will someday regain its former glory and give the fans Gothic 4 ( Arcania doesn’t count), but it’s hard to believe.

It’s hard to understand now why Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon was named one of the best games of 2001. Even after reviewing all the trailers and gameplay videos on YouTube, it is not entirely clear how IGN and PC Gamer could make it the “Best Game of the Year”. But that is until you play it yourself. This is one of the best tactical shooters of all time!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is the epitome of realism. It was possible to fall lifelessly to the ground, grabbing just one bullet, and in contrast to this, the opportunity was given to make the most unimaginable combat combinations. I was impressed by the plot and scope. The scene of action was not only Russia, but also the CIS countries, and the hackneyed story today about bad Russians in those days was just beginning to bring fame and money to developers.

What is Truckers 2 ? These are the ubiquitous police officers who monitor every violation of the speed limit. This is a huge truck rushing from Diamond to Shakhty. It’s an aria that comes from every speaker. These are brothers, waiting for every second turn. This is a game that, despite the huge number of bugs, terrible backdrops and a complete lack of optimization, looked great, thanks to the change of day and night, as well as very realistic weather effects. This is a game that has become a classic and literally a legend right from the day of release.