Backpack VS laptop bag – which is better?

If you decide to get out of the house and work in a cafe or coworking space, if you are going to a business meeting or on a business trip, dress up your laptop. In this article, we compare backpacks and laptop bags and decide which is best for you and your tech.

Style If we usually start comparing with the technical characteristics, then in this case the style decides, if not everything, then a lot.

A bag is often the choice of those who want to look more respectable and business-like. It can be combined with a formal suit, it will also fit into a casual mood.

But the backpack implies a more sporty and informal character. Despite the fact that in the modern business environment even a large director in sneakers and with a backpack is perceived as normal, our conservative Russia is not always mentally ready for this. And if you come to an important business meeting with a sports backpack, you may not be understood. And to combine a backpack with a strict coat and polished shoes is not always possible. There are business-style backpacks, but there are very few of them and most often they are not very roomy.

However, if you do not need to go to any business meetings and behave like a boss, choose a backpack – this is convenient in all situations.

Size and capacity
The main advantage of the bags is their compactness. If you do not like to carry a lot of unnecessary things with you, and you need an accessory exclusively for a laptop and maybe a couple of documents – the bag is perfect. As a rule, bags are produced clearly for the diagonal of the laptop, so the device will be firmly fixed inside and will not dangle.
















The reverse side is for those who are just accustomed to taking a still warm jacket, huge headphones and homemade lunch along with the equipment. In this case, the backpack will be more comfortable. Bags are usually less spacious and are designed exclusively for a laptop and a couple of papers, while in a backpack you can stuff, including a headset, mouse, documents and personal belongings. There are backpacks with a rigid frame – they are less roomy, but it is more convenient to carry fragile equipment in them, because it is firmly fixed inside, and thanks to the durable walls of the backpack, everyday shocks are softened. Soft backpacks are bottomless, but less cushioning.

Both bags and backpacks can have many additional pockets and compartments. But in laptop bags, all pockets are usually quite flat, so it’s easier to put something bulky in a backpack.

Form factor and usability
In the backpack, the weight of the wearable is well distributed, the load on the back is reduced. If you have a very heavy laptop and a bunch of thick folders to boot, it’s much more comfortable and easier to carry them on your back than on your shoulder or in your hand. In addition, the constant carrying of a bag on one shoulder is fraught with the development of scoliosis. If you are not going to carry a laptop with you every day, and your gadget is not too heavy – a bag will do.

Another plus in the direction of a backpack is completely free hands. If you decide to run into a store or take a walk with friends, it’s easier with a backpack. Of the minuses – it is inconvenient to travel on public transport with a backpack. But on long trips, where you also have the main large bag or suitcase, the backpack also becomes a salvation, because it frees your hands.

And among the backpacks, and among the bags there are transformer models. Some models can be converted from a backpack to a bag and vice versa.

15.6 “XD Design Backpack Bobby Bizz P705.571 black
On the one hand, it is convenient if you need to periodically change social roles, changing from an informal sports person to a strict specialist. At the same time, for transformers, the issue of comfortable wearing often recedes into the background. The bag simply has straps and shoulder straps re-strapped, but this does not add anatomicality to it. As a result, you will end up with a backpack, but most likely rather uncomfortable. Independent backpacks, as a rule, are equipped with precise adjustment of the straps, the straps themselves are thick, soft and fit snugly on the shoulder, the back wall of the backpack is often orthopedic.

Durability, safety and additional functions
Both bags and backpacks can be made from different materials: nylon, polyester, artificial or natural leather, oxford and so on. The quality of sewing, the strength of the belts depends more on the specific model and manufacturer than on the type of accessory. However, some backpacks have an additional so-called anti-theft protection – a particularly durable material that cannot be cut with a knife.

This will protect your belongings from stealthy theft while the backpack hangs behind your back. Also in these models, there are usually inconspicuous internal zippers along the very edge of the back so that no one else can open your backpack until you can see. Super-combo – combination zippers that no one else can open except you. Combined with cut-resistant fabric, your backpack is super safe and reliable. Bags usually don’t have anything like that. It is understandable, bags are always in sight.

15.6 “Backpack Korin K3 Flexpack Pro black 6 999 *
Both types of accessories, sharpened specifically for laptops, have special compartments for equipment with rigid walls and additional fixation. But backpacks still have additional nice options. Cup holders, Bluetooth or convenient cable slots so you can plug in wired headphones or a power bank.

What’s the bottom line?
Nobody forbids you to have both a bag and a backpack in your arsenal, changing them depending on the scenario. And you can easily travel to business meetings with a sports backpack if you feel so comfortable and confident that it will be appropriate. By and large, the whole confrontation comes down to the difference in tastes and small features in the wearing comfort. We have collected approximate terms of use and the most convenient options for them: