Automatic Mars Vehicle

Automatic Mars Vehicle

BEIJING: The Chinese space research agency CNSA has released the latest images of the Xurong rover, an automatic vehicle sent to Mars. The photos were posted this morning on the official Twitter account of the “Chinese Jurong Mars Rover”.

The tweet described the four photos as “family photos” and gave a brief description of each photo.

The first image (showing the Xurong rover and its platform) was taken with a wireless camera mounted on the surface of Mars by the Xurong rover.

The six-wheeled, semi-automatic Xurong rover is part of China’s Tianwen-1 mission, which was launched in July last year and will land on Mars in February this year. The dust had successfully entered its orbit.

The Zhorong Rover is equipped with a laser device and ground-penetrating radar. Both devices aim to find traces of life and surface water on Mars.

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