Attari Game Donated Cassette Sells For 10,000

Attari Game Donated Cassette Sells

Texas: Attari game cassettes donated to a cheap charity store in the United States sold for more than ڈالر 10,000 due to rarity.

Alex Juris, a grocer at the Goodwill North Central Texas store, was sorting through scrap metal when he came across a game called ‘AirRead’, a cassette attached to the Attari 2600 console. He found the cassette a bit strange because the cassettes of the old games are usually black with a sticker on them. However, the air red was blue and had a handle-like shape on it.

Alex sent a photo of himself to his father, who is a huge fan and player of Attari Games. His father replied that it was a cassette of a very rare game. Air Red was released in 1982 to control a ship and save a city. There are only 13 copies of the Main A version available worldwide.
The Goodwill Store auctions rare, archeological and other valuables that generate additional revenue that is used for welfare. Sometimes video game cassettes are sold in bundles, but AirRead is carefully separated and put up for auction for a week. It went on sale on June 10. Bids started at 500 500 and reached 1000 1,000 on the first day. A week later, the bid reached 10,590.

The idea was to sell it for a maximum of ڈالر 3,000, but that figure was three and a half times higher. Earlier in 2011, a copy sold for 35 3,500 on eBay. The money will help 20 homeless people living in Texas.