Attack On Military Convoy In Chad Kills 26

Attack On Military Convoy In Chad Kills 26

ANGAMINA: An armed attack on a military patrol in the Central African country of Chad killed 26 soldiers and wounded 14 others.

Clashes between militants and military personnel continue in the Lake Chad region of the Central African country of Chad, according to the International News Agency. Gunmen targeted a military convoy on patrol, killing 26 and wounding 14.

A Chadian military spokesman said the bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a Chadian military base. The injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital where the condition of eight personnel is said to be critical.

The military has blamed the militant group Boko Haram for the attack, but Boko Haram has not confirmed or denied the government’s claim. In addition to Boko Haram, ISIS is active in the area.

It should be noted that the report submitted to the Security Council by the UN investigation department revealed that the reorganization of ISIS in Iraq, Syria and African countries with the help of local groups could threaten world peace.