Another Vaccine Against Coronavirus

Another Vaccine Against Coronavirus

Maryland: Nova Wax, another private US company, has announced that its corona vaccine has proved to be more than 90% effective in extensive medical trials.

These third-phase medical trials (Phase 3 clinical trials) were performed on approximately 30,000 citizens of the United States and Mexico.

The trials showed that the vaccine was also effective against new strains of corona, including B1.1.7.
Nova Wax has now begun efforts to obtain emergency permission from the Central Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the widespread use of the vaccine.

The company says that if the approval is received in time, the supply of this vaccine will start across the United States from July or August 2021.

So far, 17 vaccines for the coronavirus have been approved worldwide, while another 35 vaccines are in the third phase of medical trials (Phase III clinical trials).

In addition, 48 more vaccines for corona virus are being tested in second-stage medical trials, while 35 vaccines are being tested in first-stage medical trials.