Animals Are Changing Their Appearance To Survive The Changing Seasons

Perth: In the context of climate change and global warming, warm-blooded animals are changing their physique. In this regard, the beaks of birds are getting longer, and their legs and ears are getting bigger so that their body can withstand the hot weather.

Birds are particularly affected in this regard. The study was conducted by Sarah Riding, a scientist at Deccan University in Australia, and her colleagues, and was published in the journal Ecology and Evolution. He said that in 150 years, the beaks of Australian parrots such as gang cockatoos and red ramped parrots have increased by 10%.

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The evidence is clear that animals are evolving and not necessarily changing with climate change. Many other birds have also noticed a number of changes. However, final confirmation is required.
“We don’t even know if personality changes play a good role in their survival.” But the process is by no means positive, but a wake-up call. If climate change is a factor, then maybe it’s forcing animals to change, which is a big change in a very short time, ‘said Dr. Sarah.

Similarly, the tree-mouse Wood Mouse has enlarged its ears because some bats have extended their arms. It may hear the feathers of birds of prey and run for its life. According to scientists, animal transformation is very important.

Despite all this, the changing environment and climate are having a severe impact on these animals. Birds and animals in tropical areas can have long beaks and arms, which can be described under Allen’s law. The larger the animal, the more heat it will be able to withstand.

A lengthy survey has been conducted in the United States in which 70,000 migratory birds of 52 species have been observed. It is now known that in the last 40 years, the bodies of these birds have become smaller but their wings have grown. All of these birds were passing through Chicago when they crashed into tall buildings and fell to their deaths. The bodies of these birds were collected by the staff of the city museum.