Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos Has Resigned

Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has resigned as CEO of the company. Thirty years ago, he founded the company.

According to the details, Jeff Bezos has been working for the well-known online company Amazon since its inception 30 years ago. Jeff Bezos said he complained about something throughout his career that left him frustrated.

Bezos has greatly benefited Amazon in his career and in three decades has made Amazon a multi-billion dollar company, making it one of the best companies in the world. Bezos also played a key role in introducing e-commerce on Amazon.

Jeff Bezos has been in the news for the past few months for not paying taxes. Due to which Bezos decided to resign.

According to foreign media, Bezos did not pay taxes in 2007 and 2011, and the same thing happened last year.
People working with him say Bezos was neither selfish nor careless with his work. It was a conspiracy against him that led him to resign.

Jeff Bezos has also expressed his intention to travel in space after retirement. EmmaZone is the world’s largest online business, with a significant increase in sales due to the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic.

People from all over the world buy all kinds of goods from Amazon, in 2020 alone Amazon earned 386 billion dollars, which is 38% more than 2019.

Amazon uses a seller list for buying and selling, allowing citizens and businesses in at least 104 countries around the world to place their products for sale on Amazon’s website.

As of 2020, Amazon has more than 300 million customers and ships to more than 200 countries, with nearly 2 million SMEs among the sellers.