All Staff And Children In Schools Should Be Tested For Corona

All Staff And Children In Schools Should Be Tested For Corona

GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that all children and staff in schools should be tested for corona, whether they show signs of being infected with the corona virus or not.

A statement issued yesterday by Hans Kleug , Regional Director of the World Health Organization in Europe, was issued jointly by UNESCO and UNICEF, stating that in order to restore children’s education in schools, school staff must Every person associated with and every child studying there should be tested for corona. Regardless of whether they have symptoms of Covid 19 infection.

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that corona testing be performed on all individuals in any school or educational institution when there are more cases of the disease.
Clewg said the Covid 19 epidemic has caused a number of psychological and physical problems, including long school closures and online education, which can only be remedied by formally reopening schools.

However, the spread of the corona virus may intensify again as a result of the normal opening of schools. In this context, Clegg suggested that “PCR” or “rapid antigen” testing should be performed on all individuals in every school, whether they are school children, teachers or administrators. Affairs staff.

He said the purpose of the Covid 19 testing of every person associated with the school would be to ensure that no one was infected with the corona virus. And if so, appropriate action should be taken immediately.

“We can no longer allow this epidemic to destroy the future and development of our children,” Cleve said in a statement.

He has previously warned European countries about the large number of students dropping out of public health and education due to social distance and other related issues.

At the top of the list of “right steps” he has taken to reopen schools in Europe is the quad testing of everyone.

Although Clegg’s proposal is only for European countries, other countries with better corona testing resources could also benefit from this strategy.