Afghans Must Learn How To Protect Themselves, Says Biden

Afghans must learn how to protect themselves, says Biden

Washington: US President Joe Biden has expressed displeasure over the question on Afghanistan, saying that he only wants to talk happily.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, President Joe Biden was furious when a journalist asked three consecutive questions about ending more than two decades of war in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of US troops, according to CNN. ۔

On this occasion, the US President said in a slightly bitter tone that he did not want to answer any more questions about Afghanistan. I just want to say things that make me happy.
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President Joe Biden added: “You are asking questions that I will be able to answer next week. Anyway, there is a weekly vacation that I want to enjoy.”

In response to a reporter’s question, President Joe Biden had said that reports of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan due to the evacuation of Bagram Air Base were untrue. The troops will return from Afghanistan in phases by September 11.

In response to another question, President Biden said that the United States is fully capable of helping the Kabul government even after the withdrawal of troops, we can save the government from disintegration, but now Afghans must be able to do it themselves. ۔

When asked by a journalist about the resumption of talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, the US President said that there is a possibility of resumption of talks and in this regard we are ready to provide all possible assistance to the parties.

The US president then barred the journalist from asking questions about Afghanistan