Abdul Qadir

The scientist who made Pakistan a nuclear power is suffering from Dr. Abdul Qadir Corona, due to which his health is deteriorating and he is undergoing treatment in the hospital. The nation is praying for the recovery of this great man, while Dr. Abdul Qadir Prayers have also been requested.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir shared a newspaper clipping on Twitter, according to which Mohsin Pakistan and Mohafiz Pakistan requested for recovery. In the photo shared by Hamid Mir, it can be seen that Glory created and we all have to taste death one day. And to be accountable to the real Creator for one’s deeds. I have been very ill for a few days now. The treatment is going on. I am a sinner. I keep praying for forgiveness.

According to the text in the picture, Dr. Abdul Qadir asked the people to pray for my recovery. After my death, you offered funeral prayers for me in every city, every village, every street in Pakistan. Reading and praying for forgiveness. I have served the country and the nation with all my heart, soul, blood and sweat. I did what I was told to do, I did nothing wrong, nor did my patriotic comrades do anything wrong.

Dr. Abdul Qadir said that my God is my witness, I would become a billionaire wherever I want, I loved Pakistan, you were dear, your safety and security was my duty, I could never forget December 1971, peace be upon you, student of prayer Your Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, (Note) You have been awarded the titles of Mohsin Pakistan, Defender of Pakistan, I am deeply grateful. Pakistan Zindabad”

Following this photo shared by Hamid Mir, social media users are openly praying for the recovery of this great man. Be sincere and patriotic to this country at this time.

Palwasha Khan wrote, may Allah have mercy on him.

Adeel Gul prayed that God would not deprive us of talented people like Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Syed Ali also prayed and said that if Allah wills, your name will live forever and the enemies of the country will not get the soil of this holy land. God willing

Prayers for Dr Abdul Qadir’s speedy recovery are also being offered by other users. Corona was transferred to the ward.