A Unique Whirlpool That Stays Upside Down Below The Water’s Surface

A Unique Whirlpool That Stays Upside Down Below The Water's Surface

Australia: If a worm or whirlpool is seen hanging upside down from the ceiling, we would consider it normal. If the lower torso is visible, it will be a unique thing.

Now a similar whirlpool has been seen. Called the Australian Beetle, scientists say it is the world’s first insect that can walk on water despite having legs. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Very small insects, such as mosquitoes, float on the surface of the water, but now there is evidence that shows the strange side of insect swimming. The details were published in the June 28 issue of the journal Ethnology These whirlpools turn upside down on the water as if they were walking on a glass, and so far no animal has discovered this feature.

John Gold of the University of Newcastle, Australia, was researching the Watagan Hills when he saw a black worm the size of a human little fingernail in a pond. It was thought that it might have fallen into the water and turned upside down, but a closer look revealed that this unique creature was turning upside down and walking on the water, and that too upside down.

The scene was immediately videotaped and later identified as a whirlpool. The inverted worm has a bubble on its stomach that allows it to breathe comfortably even under water.

But here the question arises as to how the whirlpool can finally stand on the water in this strange way. This will require further research. However, scientists believe that the water bubble sticking to the whirlpool plays an important role in this. But after much study, it was not known whether this worm could walk on water even if it was straight.