A gamer who locks himself up at home when he can’t find a job

Once upon a time in Japan, there were professionals who did not go out of the house and they are called Otako and now Haikou Komori. The list includes a Japanese gamer who has not been out of the house for 10 years.

Although people were confined to their homes during the Corona epidemic, many gamers and engineers in Japan are confined to their homes and do not leave their homes for months or even years. Neto Suri is a gamer who has been confined to his house for ten years and only goes out to get a haircut or litter.

There are still about one million real haiku Komori in Japan who are locked up at home for months without even talking to anyone. Seto orders food and other items online.

Neto could not find a job even after higher education and he locked himself in his aunt’s apartment. In the next phase, he learned English and started a YouTube channel. He then learned how to make a video game and raised money on a crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, from which he developed a game.

Neto has created a bridge stay game in which various characters chase away thugs who attack their homes. The game will be released in 2023. Neto says he does not go out and has no friends, but he wants the game to be popular around the world because he would like to build a house with the money.