7 Vacuum Cleaner Functions You May Not Know About

With a vacuum cleaner, you can do more than pick up dust from the floor. And also cleaning furniture, curtains, mopping floors, dusting and even washing a car interior – this collection will help you to look at cleaning in a new way. We are talking about classic models: floor-standing, vertical and manual – we will not touch on robotic vacuum cleaners.

Various brushes and attachments
Usually “out of the box”, most vacuum cleaners have only three types of attachments: a standard floor attachment, a narrow slotted attachment and a small brush attachment for sweeping dust. But these are not all the accessories that can be found for the device.

For example, a turbo brush is a nozzle similar to the classic “carpet / floor”, but with a special shaft inside and increased power. It is useful for cleaning carpets with thick pile, for houses with cats and dogs, where there is an acute problem of cleaning wool. It’s called “turbo” for a reason – this attachment is able to pick up dust and hair from even the most difficult floors and add strength even to the most diligent vacuum cleaner.Turbo brush Arnica 761N 1 750 *
There are separate attachments for upholstered furniture, with which it is convenient to remove dust and small dirt from sofas and armchairs, as well as for cabinet furniture – a small attachment with soft bristles for gentle cleaning of cabinets, shelves, shelves and even appliances.Vacuum cleaner attachment Aceline A2CN019 499 *
There are even exotic attachments such as accessories for cleaning batteries, plumbing pipes, and renovation work. We talked in more detail about all types of vacuum cleaner attachments in this article.

So, if you want to improve the quality of cleaning or just diversify the use of the vacuum cleaner and make it multifunctional – look for additional attachments.

Cleaning mattresses and sofas
We are used to vacuuming only the floor. But, as it has already become clear, you can clean everything in general. If you have the same brush for upholstered furniture, you can take care of sofas and mattresses. Some of these attachments are equipped with special thread-lifting hairs, which literally comb the pile of the upholstery, raise it, and the fabric looks like it has been dry-cleaned. Less commonly, you can find attachments for orthopedic furniture. This is a narrow brush with an almost vertical blowing – due to the high power of the air flow, it better sucks dust from the deep layers of mattresses and sofas, and can also get into the recesses of furniture.
















The best combo in the care of upholstered furniture is vacuum cleaners . Such care is strikingly different from the old-fashioned way of wiping with a rag or cleaning with a coarse brush. Washing vacuum cleaners have specialized spray nozzles. You pour in the detergent, press the lever of the nozzle – it sprays the detergent over the surface, and the powerful blowing cleans the surface and takes away excess water. So it turns out to achieve cleanliness without unnecessary waterlogging and rubbing the stains into the depths.

Vacuum cleaner Karcher SE 4001 yellow 21 599 *
Blowing function
Once upon a time, still Soviet old vacuum cleaners, almost everyone knew how to both suck in air and blow it out. Now this option is no longer built-in by default, and you need to look for it in the models on purpose. And, meanwhile, in some situations it can be quite useful. The most obvious scenario is to blow dust and dirt out of the most inaccessible places, where no brush can reach. Including, you can purge the computer case and components (if you have straight hands and care).

Vacuum cleaner GiNZZU VS731 blue 10 799 *
And the most non-standard and, nevertheless, life option is to pump up an air mattress, even if you do not have a pump! Or an inflatable bed. Or an inflatable boat. In general, everything is inflatable – you get the idea.

Two vacuum cleaners in one
In the classic model range there are the familiar to all floor vacuum cleaners, vertical, manual and, newer, robotic vacuum cleaners. But in the family of upright vacuum cleaners there are hybrids – when the unit with the brush can be detached and used separately, in the manner of a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a battery. This can be very convenient for manual cleaning in hard-to-reach places as well as in local areas. For example, you just scattered cereals in the kitchen – instead of dragging the entire vacuum cleaner to the scene of the accident, you can grab the manual part and not waste extra time and effort, removing everything quickly. It is more convenient to clean the curtains with the manual part, remove the upper shelves – in general, everything that is difficult or inconvenient to reach with a whole vacuum cleaner.

And you can also clean the interior of the car with the manual part and there is no need to buy a separate handheld vacuum cleaner. The main thing is to make sure that there is enough charge.

By the way, about cordless vacuum cleaners. There is nothing more annoying about a vacuum cleaner than getting tangled and missing a cord. Each time, you need to strategically choose an outlet from which the vacuum cleaner will reach farthest, but in a multi-room house there will not be enough cord and you still have to run back and forth, reconnecting the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner SUPRA VCS-1494 red 4 250 *
In order not to suffer from all these household little things, there are cordless battery-powered vacuum cleaners. True, it is too early to talk about the complete convenience of such models. Most models of cordless vacuum cleaners are hand-held, less often full-size vertical ones. And all of them generally work up to 15-20 minutes on a single charge, but they charge for a long time – from 2-3 hours. Therefore, if you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner for a large apartment and long cleaning, this is still not realistic.

Floor lighting
For some it’s a bug, for some it’s a feature. Some owners may have fun cleaning in the dark and find floor lighting in a vacuum cleaner as a function generally useless.

But the owners with a light flooring, with dark corners and crevices, and just the most pedantic neat people will thank this option. The main task of the backlight is to detect invisible dust and make it visible to the eye. The backlight can be faint and rather nominal, capturing space literally a few centimeters in front of the brush. Or maybe such as in the recent development of Dyson, where a powerful laser beam is built into the brush, which illuminates the floor at a special angle and turns the floor into a “starry” – that is, dusty – sky, detecting even the smallest particles of dust.

Air purification from allergens
Today a fine filter is present in the overwhelming number of vacuum cleaner models. However, there are still devices that do not have this filter. At the same time, a microfilter or HEPA is designed to retain the smallest particles even smaller than 0.3 microns at the entrance.

As a rule, here we are talking not so much about dust as about allergens, and this becomes relevant if someone in your family suffers from allergies or you live in a dusty urban area with not the cleanest air. The quality of the HEPA filter and its durability are determined by the materials from which it is made and the class of the filter. The classes of HEPA filters are regulated by the EN 1822 standard:

So pay attention not only to the presence of the filter as such, but also to its quality – the higher the class, the more particles it retains. There are tissue paper filters that cannot be washed – then they must be replaced over time. Synthetic fiber filters are cleanable and practically lasting. Care options for the microfilter in your vacuum cleaner must be written in the instructions.