7 mistakes when choosing an automatic coffee machine

If you are an avid coffee lover, then you are probably thinking about buying an automatic coffee machine. This is a useful gadget, but also quite expensive. Agree, it would be extremely offensive to buy equipment that does not satisfy you in terms of functionality. That is why you should pay attention to the most common mistakes when buying a coffee machine and avoid them.

Do not pay attention to what drinks the coffee machine prepares
The main charm of the coffee machine is that it allows you to make your favorite drink in just a couple of minutes, and the user is required to press a few buttons as much as possible. However, many people buy such equipment not only for the automation of the process, but also for more choice. Almost all coffee machines can prepare different types of coffee – up to 20 recipes.

A common mistake is to buy equipment that is not capable of preparing your favorite coffee. Almost all coffee machines can make espresso, americano and cappuccino. However, if you prefer an exotic type of macchiato, lungo or flatwhite, then you should definitely study the list of recipes available for preparation before buying. Remember that the more programs there are in the coffee machine, the higher the price tag on the equipment will usually be.

Do not estimate dimensions
How big are the coffee machines? It all depends on the model chosen, but in general, you will definitely have to allocate a separate place for the equipment: Compact coffee machines can be easily hidden in a kitchen drawer or placed somewhere in the corner of the kitchen – they take up space no more than a kettle.

The largest coffee machines are comparable in size to some MFPs or microwave ovens. Accordingly, if you have a compact kitchen and most of the surfaces are already occupied by kitchen utensils or other appliances, then when buying, along with the functionality, you should pay attention to the size of the coffee machine. Please be aware that some models require milk to be prepared for individual drinks, which usually needs to be stored in a separate container.

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Do not think about the volume of the water and coffee tanks
How many cups of coffee can the machine make without recharging? It all depends on two key parameters – the volume of the water tanks and for the coffee. The capacity for beans in most models is 150–700 grams, and the tank holds from 1 to 2.5 liters of water. However, will the selected volume be enough for you?

It is worth doing some small calculations here. For example, a standard espresso requires 7-9 grams of beans and 25-35 milliliters of water. Based on these parameters and the volume of the tanks, you can roughly estimate how many portions will be enough for one filling of the coffee machine. If the load on the equipment will be more than 30 cups of coffee per day, then it is worth considering models with a water tank volume of more than three liters.

When buying, focus only on the price tag
An expensive coffee machine will undoubtedly be very functional and offer more drinks to prepare. However, there are exceptions when the top models lack functions that are important for you. Moreover, users are not always able to distinguish between coffee made by a cheap and expensive coffee machine, since there is usually no difference with identical ingredients. That is why you should not focus solely on the price tag – focus on the necessary characteristics, dimensions. When buying an expensive coffee machine, there is always a risk of overpaying for functions that you simply will never use.

Do not study the functionality of the device
This mistake partially overlaps with the previous one, when buyers look not at the characteristics of the product, but at the design and cost. A coffee machine is a technique for daily use, so it must fully satisfy the needs of the user, from the list of programmed recipes to performance.

Be sure to pay attention to which coffee is used – grain or ground, whether there is a cappuccino maker, an automatic heating plate, an anti-drip system or control from a smartphone. Decide which of all the functions are priority for you, and only then start considering specific models. This will immediately narrow your search down to a couple of dozen coffee machines, saving you time and money.

Consider only models with metal housing
Metal-bodied coffee machines look really solid, but they also cost a lot more. Many are sure that plastic models are not so reliable, they quickly lose their presentable appearance and are more susceptible to external damage. However, in most cases, after installing the coffee machine, there is no need to move it anywhere, so the risk of dropping or scratching the equipment is minimal. In addition, devices with a plastic case offer much more colors, so you can choose a coffee machine to match the interior of the kitchen. That is why you should not chase models with an exclusively metal case.

Buy a coffee machine without the possibility of programming if you like coffee according to your own recipe
Someone likes it stronger, someone needs more milk or cream, while others need coffee strong enough to make their jaws come together. You can prepare your own “signature” drink on a coffee machine only if it allows you to make fine settings. This includes the selection of the heating temperature, setting the extraction time and degree of grind, the amount of added water or milk.

The programmable coffee machine will be useful not only for lovers of branded coffee, but also for a large family, where everyone has their own preferences.